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QLD Smash is a website designed to:

  1. provide a meeting place for Australian online Super Smash Bros. players
  2. encourage Australian online Super Smash Bros. players to attend tournaments
  3. store Australian competitive Super Smash Bros. tournament data

Who are the big names and scenes representing Australian at the GvP Invitational? Find out here!

Super Importanto - The reasons why are inside!

To start this series, we look at excuses and why you have none.

King Dedede
Queensland Snortle 24/04/2017 1:32:02 PM

I know that you have to pay to enter the tournament, but if I go just for friendlies, do I have to pay any money?

Western Australia cmk 24/04/2017 12:56:04 PM

I've been feeling a bit unwell lately :(

Mr. Game and Watch
Western Australia Maribro 24/04/2017 12:55:15 AM

https://youtu.be/7xJrdG41OHc?t=5m13s I made it into GRsmash 9s video! :)

Diddy Kong
Australian Capital Territory Pazx 15/04/2017 4:43:55 AM

The ACT Smash facebook group is now public, so anybody is welcome to join: https://www.facebook.com/groups/CanberraSmashPlayers/

Queensland LachlanF 14/04/2017 10:46:49 AM

And Register before 11pm tonight for that sweet sweet Early Bird: http://goo.gl/32gA30

Queensland LachlanF 14/04/2017 10:46:32 AM

Please note that while the start times for tomorrow will go unchanged, Lunch breaks will be extended to allow time to travel to get Lunch.

Queensland LachlanF 14/04/2017 8:41:09 AM

UQ Smash 30 (64, Melee, Wii U)| Saturday 15th of April | Venue Opens at 10am |Register here: http://goo.gl/32gA30 | Please Bring Set-ups!

Captain Falcon
Queensland cjeccjec 13/04/2017 10:41:03 PM

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K_RhaKV_dMU McJobo's Hard Knock Life