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QLD Smash - The year is 20XX and everyone plays Smash


About QLD Smash

The year is 20XX and everyone plays Smash.

The people of the world have converged to playing only Super Smash Bros, as all other forms of competition have been deemed inferior. Résumés have been dropped worldwide in favour of TAS videos. Children are taught how to DI before they can walk, and leaders of countries are determined by series of iron man matches.

The metagame has developed to the point where everything is played out in theoretical perfection, and the winners of matches are determined after the selection of the characters and stages by virtue of the stage-character-moveset matchup-results matrix.

This makes the counter picking metagame critical in high level play, and because the mind games begin at the character select screen, top players will play up to twenty different characters per tournament.

If you are interested in either playing against Australian Super Smash Bros. players online or finding a local competitive Super Smash Bros. tournaments in Australia, then QLD Smash is the website for you!

QLD Smash is an Australian website designed for Super Smash Bros. players in a future where everybody plays Super Smash Bros. QLD Smash provides online forums for you to find Australian Super Smash Bros. players. Here you can trade Miiverse usernames and 3DS Friend Codes with other Australian players and compete against each other online.

QLD Smash also gathers competitive Super Smash Bros. data to keep track of who the top players are in each state of Australia. QLD Smash chronicles state Power Rankings, which are regional leaderboards for Super Smash Bros. games which rank local players against each other, as well as Australian Super Smash Bros. tournament results and videos.

QLD Smash is an ongoing project which aims to promote the Super Smash Bros. competitive gaming community within Australia.

QLD Smash is designed to make it as easy as possible to submit Super Smash Bros. data to the website, so there is no reason why your latest Australian Super Smash Bros. tournament results can't be submitted to QLD Smash today!

QLD Smash is currently a work in progress, so it is in no way complete. Suggestions on features are encouraged, in particular features which allow for analysis of Australian Super Smash Bros. competitive data. Users are also encouraged to submit tournament results in the form of TioPro files and are not required to create an account to do so.