[Badge] DLC Character Movesets

Ever had ideas for movesets for DLC characters? Thought of final smashes for them? Post them here and see what variations other people have!

There will be a badge rewarded to people who post a moveset for a character.


Here's a template to help you get started:


General Overview (optional)

Forward Smash
Up Smash
Down Smash




Up (recovery)



Final Smash (optional)
10/14/2015 07:08:02
Queensland 92db1c5d-28d5-4ff8-8c8d-b05311a1ec56
No data

Western Australia Mr. Game and Watch
  • Wii U: Oceanblue44
Paper Mario


Paper Mario would be a glass cannon much like old Game and Watch. With low mobility, poor defensive options, low weight but high power. Paper Mario's strengths come from his ability to control the stage with his projectile, his decent disjoint and his good damage racking. His main drawbacks are his high commitment kill moves, his low survivability and lack of good OoS options meaning he succumbs to pressure easily. I hope you all enjoy my moveset.

Ground Normals

Clonks you over the head with his trusty wooden hammer. Button can be held for more damage and power but makes the move slower. Base damage 6%, max damage 11%

Forward tilt
Hammer toss. Short range but arcs slightly. Can be angled like any other tilt to provide either a higher arc or a flatter arc. 5%

Up Tilt
Arcing swing of the hammer above Paper Mario's head. 9%. Can combo at all percents.

Down Tilt
Swings his hammer quickly and low to the ground. Pops opponents up in the air but is slightly laggy so does not always guarantee a combo. Does 5%

Forward Smash
Ultra hammer from TTYD. Twists up and then releases to spin around. The more it is charged the longer he spins around for with a lingering hitbox. Slowish to come out and very high on lag but very powerful. Deals 20%

Up Smash
Spring jump from TTYD. Functions just like his Fsmash except instead of increasing lingering, increases vertical range. Can only be used as an anti air or on tall characters as there is no grounded launcher hitbox. Highly laggy but not too bad on startup. Quite powerful. 18%.

Down Smash
Vivian is summoned and blasts fire first in front of Mario and then behind him. Deals 14% and launches at a diagonal angle.

Thoreau is sent out ahead of Paper Mario. Acts kind of like Yoshi's tongue but is quicker and shorter ranged.

Dash Attack
Does his spinny thing from Paper Mario 64. Hitbox lingers for a while but has high end lag. Can kill at high percents. 12% Sweetspot, 6% sourspot.


Makes a jumping pose. Whole body becomes a hitbox with the sweetspots becoming a hitbox with two sweetspots. One on his foot which acts as a slightly weak meteor and one on his head which acts as a medium strength upwards. The rest of his body sends at the sakurai angle and is fairly weak with low knockback and damage. Top hitbox does 12%, feet do 10%, rest of the body does 5%. Low on start up and endlag.

Ice Climbers style overhead meteor smash. Just like their's is slow to start up but makes up for it with power. 14%

Swings Watt backwards. Quick but low damage. Multihit and does 7% if everything connects.

Throws Goombario or Goombella (same properties) upwards. Can be used for juggles but the range of the headbonk is fairly low. Can also be reflected. 10%

Ground Pound stall then fall. Like every other stall and fall in the game. Deals 15% early and 10% later.


Koops or Kooper (same properties again) is kicked away by Paper Mario and then returns. Low knockback and damage but can be used to set up for other attacks. As the shell goes away from Paper Mario, the kb sends away slightly and as it returns the kb sends inwards slightly.

Bombette or Bobbery is pulled out and walks along the stage slowly. Works like a slower Mechakoopa with higher knockback. Is not an item but can be safely destroyed by attacking above 8%. Designed to trap foes into being knocked up into an aerial finisher. Deals 12%.

Parakarry picks up Paper Mario. Poor vertically, good horizontally and can be acted out of.

Barrie is summoned. Acts a reflector kind of like Skull Barrier and does weak damage if you touch it. Cannot be summoned for an amount of time after using it, however.


Up Taunt
Tippi flies out and around Paper Mario.

Side taunt
Paper Mario adjusts his hat before looking like he is about to run off, just like he does when he wins a battle in TTYD.

Down taunt
The classic turn to the camera thumbs up from our favourite paper plumber.
10/14/2015 09:05:21

Western Australia King Dedede
  • Wii U: Redmask
  • 3DS: 4768-7478-0198
Phoenix Wright

Phoenix Wright is a gimmick character that relies on a mechanic I will refer to as Evidence (expounded on later). Wright will have fairly floaty jumps, but decent weight, with average air control. While he has a few disjoints, he will have fairly large hitboxes on some of his moves, creating a character that its reliant on spacing, and abusing the gimmick.

Jab: Wright throws his arm out holding several papers. Rapid jab has him rifling through the papers, before finishing by flourishing them again.

Dash Attack: Maya materializes behind Wright, pushing him over and plowing into the enemy. This move is slow, largely disjointed, and can kill. High end lag (similar to Dedede).

Ftilt: Wright sneezes violently. Sends the opponent on a near straight up angle.

Utilt: Wright covers his head in fear, his hands creating a hitbox above his head. His hands are an invincible hitbox.

Dtilt: Wright falls to the floor, landing on his butt. his legs shoot out in front of him, creating the hitbox.


Foward Smash: Wright slams his hands down on a desk that appears in front him, sending out a shockwave. This move has high startup, but low endlag. disjointed, but hitbox is most effective at point blank.

Upsmash: Maya jumps on Wrights shoulders from behind, and thrusts an item in the air. Each item is random, and does different damage, and knockback.
Upsmash items:
Magatama: short range, multi hit, fire element, average damage, large knockback.
Stepladder: Long range, average damage, average knockback.
Pearl Fey: Low damage, high knockback. Pearl attacks by screaming.
Down Smash: The judges gavel slams down on Wright, damaging nearby enemies and sending them at a fairly low angle.


Neutral Air: Papers explode from Wright, damaging enemies.

Forward Air: Wright thrusts his Magatama forward, causing a lingering hitbox that drags enemies with him.

Back Air: Wright looks behind him as Missile (the dog) dashes past him. Large disjoint.

Up air: Wright sneezes, propelling himself upward as the hitbox.

Down Wright narrowly dodges a descending gavel, which meteors enemies at his feet. Large disjoint.


Neutral: Searching... / I've got it!: This move functions in two parts. Wright must be on the ground to perform Searching.... He will crouch down and dust around, looking for clues. This functions as a charging move. The move takes roughly 1.3 seconds to charge, but CANNOT be stored. After finishing charging, Wright will either sulk if he has found Useless Evidence (which will cause him to lose his charge), or he will look happy if he finds Key Evidence.

Key Evidence will store his charge. A stored charge can be unleashed with ANY of his specials, buffing them. I've got it! is the buffed form of Searching... This will increase Wrights damage, KBG, knockback resist, and movement speed for 10 seconds. Note that if any other buffed specials are used in this time, the self buff will dissipate.

Side: Hold it! / Objection!: The unbuffed version of this move shoots out a large speech bubble in front of Wright that causes him to scream, "HOLD IT!" This will cause a movement speed debuff on the enemy for a duration of 5 seconds. This move does 1% damage so it can cause flinch.

Objection! will cause a speech bubble to appear, and Wright will shout, "OBJECTION!" This will instantly cause stun (similar to ZSS) on the target, as well as causing 16% damage.

Up: Maya?! / Mia?!: The unbuffed version of this move will cause Maya to appear below Wright, frightening him into leaping high into the sky. This move has no active hitbox, but hyper armor on the first few frames.

The buffed version causes Mia to infuse Wright with her spirit, causing him to determinedly launch himself upward. This has the same stats as Maya?! but it also creates a disjointed hitbox, and goes slightly farther.

Down: Gumshoe?! / Edgeworth?!: The unbuffed version of this move causes Gumshoe to run in from in front of Wright, presenting him with a piece of evidence (this is flavour). Gumshoe creates a hitbox that knocks the enemy away as he charges past.

Edgeworth?! causes Gumshoes to run in from behind Wright, and Edgeworth in front of him. The hitboxes will knock targets hit into Wright, which combos into Wright having a revelation, causing an extreme amount of knockback. Both versions of this move have high endlag, although Gumshoe?! is slightly less so.

Poor grab range. Poor Dash Grab. No Zair.


Up taunt: A coffee mug is thrown at Wright, causing it to drip down his face.

Side taunt: Trucy runs up to Wright, who bends down and pats her head.

Down Taunt: Wrights eye glints as he points at his opponent with an outstretched arm.

Final Smash: Turnabout Smash!

Wright believes extremely strongly in his clients. Upon use, Wright slams his hands down on a desk in front of him, causing all opponents grounded on the same plane as him to be stunned for the duration of the move. A horde of every innocent client Wright has ever had charges across the screen, trampling all stunned targets, causing 40% damage and large knockback. Wright is then hoisted high by his ex clients, healing him by 20%.
10/15/2015 02:32:53

Queensland Roy
  • Wii U: MakingcAKE82
  • 3DS: 0748-3964-5420
Etika (EWNetwork)

A straight, regular jab. Can Jab combo into a weird Duck Hunt reveal thing. here:

Utilt - an uppercut, similar to Mii Brawler's or Mario's.

Ftilt - Same as mario's

Dtilt - He crouches down and slaps his hands similair to this:

Forward Smash
He unleashes a high range sexy scallop blow.

Up Smash
Does an overhead karate chop. Says "Your body's been ready!"
Down Smash
He excitedly hits you with an xbox one.


Spins around similar to donkey kong. But it's Etika.

Gets in a plank position and hits you with his head. Unleashes a war cry while doing so.

Turns around and hits you with his 3DS.

Gets his weird Ear-Head phones out and hits you in the face with them. Yells this.

A standard spike like Falcon's. If you land it and get back to the stage, Etika does this "AAA" and opens his mouth really wide and hunches down in his chair.



He rides his computer chair, moving at a high rate towards you screaming "MY DICK!!"

Up (recovery)
Rides on a "SHIREK" balloon. Quite good, similar to villagers but has less horizontal capacity.

A counter, much like Lucario's but lasts for longer and looks like this:

10/14/2015 21:04:23

Queensland Duck Hunt Duo
  • Wii U: Benjamin01
Dark Samus


Dark Samus would be light and floaty, but able to pack a bunch. Not too mobile or fast and is mainly an offensive character. Strong kill moves but not much combo ability.

Ground Normals


A fast, powerful single thrust of its cannon in a horizontal movement, dealing 8%

Forward tilt

A medium ranged phazon burst, like a pulse. Similar to Lucario's side B.

Up Tilt
A swing with its cannon over its head.

Down Tilt

Similar to Samus' downtilt but leaves residual phazon which deals damage.

Forward Smash

A burst shot of phaazon similar to what the assist trophy does.

Up Smash

A powerful, short burst of phazon, kinda like a shotgun blast (similar hitbox to lucas' up smash).

Down Smash

Slams the ground and phazon comes out from the ground at dark samus' sides.


Dark Samus' hand thrusts forward and a phazon tentacle extends out of its arm and grabs the opponent. Faster but shorter range than samus'

Dash Attack

A downard swing with the arm cannon starting from above the head and ending at a waist-height level.


Electrical/phazon bits surround dark samus' body dealing little damage and little knockback, however there are many hitboxes and can rack up damage, similar to mewtwo's.

Similar to samus' but instead of little explosions, shots of phazon shoot out at a short range

Twists around and flings the arm cannon horizontally to behind itself and a minitature phazon explosion occurs at the mouth of the barrel. Very powerful.

Similar to the back-air but upward.

Darm Samus straightens out and a wave of phazon substance shoots downward (similar to rosalina's halo). Meteor smash.


Shoots a horizontal; rectangular beam. Is chargable to make the beam thicker, more ranger and more powerful.


Shoots a blob of phazon which sticks onto the opponent and deals gradual damage.

Teleports, leaving a cloud of phazon which deals damage both where Dark Samus teleports from and to.

A pool of phazon is summoned from the ground and traps the opponent solidifying around the body; leaving the opponent temporarily susceptible to attack.


Up Taunt
Shoots a beam of phazon light into the air.

Side taunt
Aims the arm cannon to the side in a similar position to how it shoots as an assist trophy.

Down taunt
Kneels down and explodes into a phazon cloud. Then reasembles into its human form.

Final Smash (optional)

Goes cloaked (like melee cloak) and is much more powerful with exaggerated ranges, powers and sizes of attacks.
10/14/2015 12:14:32

South Australia Squirtle
  • Wii U: EskimoleJoe

For most of the game (LoZ TP), Zant presents himself with a mask of calmness and control, always maintaining an upright posture and speaking in a cold, sinister voice. Zant has also shown himself to be incredibly ruthless in achieving his goals. Upon his final confrontation with Link and Midna, it is revealed that Zant's earlier persona was a facade and that underneath is a raving lunatic. Zant reveals himself to be very insane, often going on bizarre tangents, hopping up and down, and throwing a tantrum in a manner similar to that of a child.

Dash attack
Spins incredibly fast along the ground. Think mm dash attack.

1. Slice with right arm.
2. Slice with left arm.
3. Spin full circle and slice with both.

f-tilt Zant thrusts his arm out, moving his body as well.
d-tilt Zant swipes at his opponent’s feet with his blades.
u-tilt Slices around his body with one of his blades.

Forward Smash
Slices forward with both blades at once, think Falco.

Up Smash
Slices upwards with both blades at once, arms x-motion. Think Greninja.

Down Smash
1. Zant slices downwards with each scimitar on each side of him., OR
2. Zant flips upside down and spins rapidly on his head with scimitars out.

Nair Spins with his blades out. Fast as falco, but the angle of Lucario.
Fair Slashes quickly with one blade, then the other.
U-air Slashes above him with his blades, double hit.
Dair Zant pulls up his legs and slashes below him with his blades.
Bair Kicks backwards with a foot, OR
Zant slashes behind him with his blades, double hit.

B: Dark/purple energy blasts from each hand, right left right left etc. Fast. Think Fox’s lasers.
<>B: Zant summons a hand out of twilight matter which slams into the ground.
u-B: Teleports in and out of the twilight realm. Think Zelda/palutena
d-B: Counter? Not sure

Grabs telepathically / without physical touch.
f-throw: Throws opponent forwards.
d-throw: Throws opponent downwards into a twilight portal, from which they are spat back out.
u-throw: Throws opponent upwards.
b-throw: Bends at waist and throws the opponent backwards, Zant ends up parallel to the ground.

1. Does a little dance / jig
2. Spins around and does a pose
3. Increases then decreases in size
4. Teleports into then out of the Twilight Realm.

Final Smash
Light darkens, Zant rises into the air, idles, then splays his limbs out and the circle of runic markings (this action is seen in the first link each time you beat him in a section). Enemies caught in the circle take heavy kb and damage.


12/10/2015 13:15:13

Australian Capital Territory Fox
  • Wii U: GogoGogic
I want to see someone do a moveset for wolf link & midna duo
10/14/2015 14:53:26

Tasmania Jigglypuff
  • Wii U: Supertickles
Atyeo said:
I want to see someone do a moveset for wolf link & midna duo

Consider this your lucky day.

Pingu is a renowned fighter from the adults show "Pingu"

I honestly feel like he is known well enough that I don't need to describe him.

Starting off with the fun stuff.

Side Special
Pingu unleashes his mighty stream. Dealing damage to those who touch it.

Down Special
Whilst Pingu is a brave warrior, he sometimes needs to relax. He listens to his jammin music and steals WFT's down B move.

Up Special
His best friend Robby the seal boosts Pingu up to new heights and throws him before swimming away majestically.

Smash Attacks
The iconic "Noot Noot" (Can be angled for maximum disrespect)

"Put your hands in the air if you feel fine" - Quad City DJs when discussing the up smash.

Down Smash

From here I got lazy and couldn't find sources for most things.


Dash Attack
Uses his sled to plow through anyone

Bigger Slaps!

A faster version of DK's aerials.

Holds them in his fins and noots for pummel

Literally anything


Spawns a giant walrus to cause terror to those nearby.
10/14/2015 15:14:05

I LITERALLY did this in the DLC character discussion for Andy. Can I have my badge anyway?

Find it here
10/14/2015 21:01:01

Victoria Ganondorf
No data
  • Wii U: SoDusty
  • 3DS: 0232-8471-3733

General Overview:
Dunbans gimmick will be his dash attack "Gale slash", using other moves after it will cause different things to happen. He will also have different auras, working similarly to shulks monado arts. His sword will also always be sheathed if he doesnt attack.

Dash attack: (Gale slash):
Dunban will lunge forward with his sword, will have some end lag.

Jab: (Steel strike)
A one hit punch. If used after gale slash will do more damage.

Ftilt: (Electric gutbuster) A kick, think ganons f-tilt. Can be angled. If used on a shield after gale slash will cause a lot of shield damage.

Utilt: Swings his sword in an arch.

Dtilt: Pokes his sword, think marthcina's d-tilt.

Forward Smash: (Wordly Slash)
A 2 hit f-smash like the links. if used after gale slash will lower their defence and attack power by 2%

Up Smash: (Soaring temptest)
I can't really explain it, just watch it instead lol

Down Smash: Idk what his d-smash would be, am drawing blanks. x_x


N-air: swings his sword around him self, like marths.

F-air: (Tempest kick)
Dunban will do a kick in the air spinning around once, if used after gale slash will get rid of buffs. Example: If used on shulk with a monado art active will de-activate it.

..what else would his bair be? pretty much every other swordsman bair lol.

Strikes his sword upwards.

Like his u-tilt but in the air below him.


Now here is where is aura's come to play.
1. Peerless: Will deal more damage, in return will take more damage, if playing doubles and his team mate has his shield broken or got hit by mewtwos confusion, will snap them out of it.
2.Spirit breath: Attacks now come out faster, in return dunban will be floatier and die earlier.
3.Serene heart: Will have more defense, in return won't do as much damage and be a little slower, not as slow as shulk's shield monado art, though.

Side: (Demon slayer)
A slow move, if it kills will deal 10% to other players if any.

Up (recovery): Soaring tempest but with a smaller hitbox, will look like his u-air but spinning around.

Down: (Battle Eye)
A counter!... sort of. will cause opponent to only focus on them if they hit his "counter"

Up taunt: Unsheaths his sword pointing towards opponent saying "I don't have time for small fry!"
Side taunt: "Dance with me!"
Down taunt: "Face me if you dare!"

Final Smash:

10/15/2015 01:49:10


The only serious post I EVER made

Screw it I'm doing it anyway.

I believe Andy would be a fun addition to Super Smash Bros. for NDS and Wii U as a representative for Advance Wars!


Passive ability - Cash! Like Little Mac's K.O bar, Andy could have a cash meter that goes up by the hundreds every second or during certain events (E.g taking a Smash attack)

Attacks: Andy has wrenches he can make use of for attacks for tilts, jabs, smashes etc.


Neutral Special - Deploy! Deploys a unit from a list like Shulk's Monado Arts. The units available depend on how much cash Andy has. They could act like a moving Duck Hunt Wild Gunmen, which can be killed, however, being a key aspect of his kit, are far more durable. Ideas for units: 0-500 Infantry 500-1000 Heavy Infantry 1000-2000 Tank 2000-3000 Attack Helicopter 3000-4000 Neotank 5000 Stationary Railgun

All vary on damage, knockback, hitpoints and mobility

Andy could have multiples of units on stage and perhaps 2 of the same unit if they are infantry. Max out at 3-5?

Down Special - Retreat! Causes all units to go on the defensive and move back towards Andy.

Side Special - Attack! Units go on the aggressive in the direction Andy points. Depending on whether they spot a unit, they will also fire.

Up Special - Rescue! Similar to Duck Hunt Duo or Snake's recovery, a Transport Helicopter sprite carries Andy in a set length upwards.

Final Smash: Orange Star Swarm - Andy does a call-in animation, and the screen becomes swarmed with attack helicopter sprites for a few seconds, dealing damage and knockback.

Any thoughts on this? Advance Wars is a great series IMO and I'd love to see a representative from it.

DLC Stage: Cosmo/Macro/Omega Land
10/15/2015 03:15:05

Queensland Pit
  • Wii U: K0gasaTatara
  • 3DS: 3609-2085-1448
Princess Hilda of Lorule

General Overview:
The Princess of Lorule, the Triforce of her land was fought over, and in an attempt to end the fighting the Triforce was destroyed, sending her land into ruin. She works mercilessly to bring order and peace back to her land and will do anything to do what is best for her kingdom, even steal another world's Triforce.
She is slightly heavier than Toon Link, with a run speed a bit faster than Zelda, a slightly slower than average air speed, with a fast fall speed a bit slower than Falco's, and a jump height a bit higher than Toon Link's. A lot of her play relies upon her fast neutrals, and she can space out opponents and start combos with her specials. Using her Neutral B she imbues her entire staff with magic, powering up her smashes and gives different effects to her specials for a one time use.

Dash Attack:
Stumbles and jabs her staff low to the ground, wont kill and can be a follow up from her down throw.

jab 1 - just out the bottom of her staff in front of her, hitting low
jab 2 - swings the top of her staff down
jab 3 - swings staff sideways with fairly decent knockback

Forward Tilt - lunges forward with her staff, imbuing the tip of it with a shadowy magic. Long range with high kill power, but will only kill if the tip is hit. Hitting with a sourspot can allow her to start a combo
Down tilt - crouches and sweeps the ground in front of her, knocking the enemy up, can't combo into itself unless the opponent is stupid, but can lead into an aerial string, or, at low percents, a forward tilt. no real kill power. Decent range.
Up Tilt - Similar to forward tilt, just up. the tip is imbued with magic and kills. Fairly low range, will only hit slightly above her.

Forward Smash:
Without Neutral B Buff - Low Startup. She grabs her staff and swings the staff sideways violently and fast, kill power is highest at the tip. Due to her holding the staff a bit further than mid-ways down it, it wont have as much range as forward tilt but it does have a backwards hitbox as the bottom of the staff juts out behind her.
With Neutral B Buff -
Medium startup. She prepares the blow before swinging, and lashes out. The highest kill power is again at the tip of the staff however it will also shoot out a weak projectile that hits once, but does high damage and can burn through other weak projectiles. The projectile covers decent range around, about the same range as Mega Man's metal blade. Has low end lag so could be used in neutral, to stop rush down characters getting in or to try to out-camp campers.

Up Smash:
Without Neutral B - Quick move with low kill power, low startup and end lag. Quickly swings her staff over her head, ducking down slightly in the process. Has low range above her as she grabs it from the centre. Has a weak hitbox on either side of her as the bottom of her staff juts out when she swings it.
With Neutral B - Swings staff above her in an animation similar to the one without neutral b buff but slower startup and end lag, high knockback, but generally wont kill as a wallmaster will appear and spike them back down to the stage. if the opponent is stupid they will DI off the stage and die, if they are smart they won't. she could follow up with an aerial or forward tilt, or forward smash depending on the opponents DI and whether they tech.

Down Smash:
Without Neutral B - high startup, flips her staff upside down and slams it into the ground, causing magic to flare up either side of her for a moment, the strong hit, closest to her, will knock the opponent up and will kill, the weak hit at the edges will knock the opponent horizontally. high kill power on the sweet spots, if you stand on the edge of the stage and sweetspot someone off the stage, it will spike.
With Neutral B - Higher startup, the sweetspots are slightly higher than the previous version and it has a lot of end lag. will release a multihit projectile that follows the stage one either side of her, similar in range to Pikachu's neutral b. Very high kill power, if you stand on the edge of the stage and sweetspot someone off the stage, it will spike.

Neutral Air - Will swing her staff in a manner similar to Palutena's, but will only spin once and will only hit once. Very fast and can combo into itself at low percents.
Forward air - grabbing the head of the staff, jabs its forward. low range in front of her but can kill at higher percents. the base of the staff will hit behind her for weak knockback and can be used to combo.
Up Air - Grabbing the base of her staff, she swings it over her head, high range, doesn't kill, low startup and end lag.
Back Air - grabbing the head of the staff, she jabs the base of the staff behind her violently. the tip of the base has low kill power but the range and low startup and end lag allow her to use it to space and maybe lead into a kill or combo
Down Air - high startup, flips the staff over and slams it down at her feet, startup around the same as Wii Fit's down air, perhaps a tad longer. powerful spike and only hits just below her feet. the spike is in between her feet and either side will send them diagonally up.


Without Neutral B - Takes 5 seconds to imbue her entire staff with her magic, if interrupted she has to start again, you can shield or air dodge out of it but you must start again. the charge is only kept once its fully charged
With Neutral B - Sends out a ball of magic similar in size to Samus' fully charged neutral B, but this one actually kills.
Without Neutral B - shoots a pillar of magic upwards twice her height in front of her, if sweet spotted will kill at high percents, with the sweet spot being at the base of the pillar. the weak hit can be used as a combo starter. you can charge this move to change where it appears, can be used to pressure or kill people off stage
With Neutral B - A wallmaster balls into a fist and slams down in front of Hilda, again charging this move will allow you to change where it slams down, and it will spike opponents.
Up (recovery):
Without Neutral B - rides her staff like a witches broom, the angle can be changed and it has a hitbox but wont kill. cannot be charged and always goes a set distance. a blast of magic flies out of her staff for half a second, or 1 second i cant decide, propelling her, but the momentum after the blast carries her quite far as well.
With Neutral B - rides her staff again but this time with a ton of manoeuvrability and kills at high percents, think of it like a Pac-Man side b but without charging it first you kind of have to react as you go. this time the blast of magic lasts 2 seconds and the momentum can carry her farther.
Without Neutral B - Sends a shadow along the ground, that when comes into contact with an opponent, a wallmaster will fly out of the ground, hitting the opponent into the air. Wont kill but Hilda is free to move while the shadow travels so she can chase and combo the opponent. Only hits when the opponent is on the ground
With Neutral B - Sends a shadow along the ground again, but this time it has more range and if it reaches the edge of the stage it will turn around. When it hits an enemy a wallmaster will reach up and grab the opponent, squeezing them, and throwing them away, if Hilda is close enough she can combo off of it. Low kill power.

Throws: (Her grab has low range similar to Robin's and he pummel is slow as well)
Up throw - throws them a bit in the air and hits them upwards with her staff wont kill but does decent damage and can be combo'd off of
Forward Throw - pushes them forward and stabs them with the tip of her staff. high knockback but wont kill until late percents, like around 150% on midweights
Back Throw - Pushes them behind her then stabs them with the base of her staff, low knockback, wont kill
Down Throw - pushes them onto the ground and grinds her staff into them, launching them horizontally afterwards in a manner similar to Sonic's

Tether/non-tether? No tether
Zair? No Zair

Up Taunt - She holds her hand above her head and the Triforce of Wisdom shines in her hand, before crumbling into dust, she then clenches her fist and lowers it.
Side Taunt - She turns into a painting for a few seconds
Down Taunt - She drops her staff and begins to weep, before quickly regaining her composure and wiping the tears away, picking up her staff in the process.

Final Smash (optional) - "What is Best for Lorule"
She summons Ganon Yuga, who turns all opponents in range into a painting, then he charges at each painting, launching them as he goes.
12/15/2015 13:53:53

Queensland Squirtle
  • Switch: SW-6629-2203-1611
  • Wii U: lachlanfirth96
  • 3DS: 0232-8657-5660

Its a Kid who is also a squid.
What else is there to say.

First appeared in
Splatoon 2015

1. Pokes with Gun
2. More Poking with Gun
3. Squirts Ink over them

Up Tilt, The Slosher Weapon splats ink upwards
Forward Tilt, Ink Roller in an up and down motion
Down Tilt, Turns into a squid and will stuns an attacking fighter if they touch the ink circle

Forward Smash, Kracken attacks
Up Smash, splattershot Fires Ink UP
Down Smash, Spins around while firing a blaster around towards the group

Aerials (Is a squid while in the air)

Neutral - Squids around, like villager Nair
Forward - Thrusts a squid forward
Back - Thursts a Squid Backwards
Up - Inks Up
Down - Inks Down


Neutral, Sniper, hold to charge not able to cancel with sheild.
Side, Ink Roller paints along the ground in the direction, Press button again to hit with Paint roller
Up (recovery), Squid Jump, Chargeable for a large jump.
Down, Charge up ink (Becomes a squid and sits on the stage, similar effects to Wii Fit Trainers Down B


Up T, The "Come Here" noise plays and the animation is similar to that as it is in the game
Side T, The Your a Kid now your a squid noise song plays and the Inkling Dances, endless taunt (Cancelled with Shield)
Down T, Becomes a squid and jumps around in the Ink, if someone walks into the ink it will trip them (only for the first half of the taunt) The Taunt lasts about as long a Milk Drink Young Link

Final Smash
FILLS THE STAGE WITH INK, slowing all other fighters and doubling damage
01/19/2016 04:18:12

Where my badge at fam
01/19/2016 05:20:04

Queensland Roy
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Badge pls
01/19/2016 06:52:40

Queensland Bayonetta
No data
You both have your badges...

You were awarded them last night along with any other outstanding badges.
01/19/2016 07:02:57


First appeared in Skyward Sword, he is a teleporting, strange, sword-thing (spoilersss). He wields two swords, and has very strong skin that doesn't take much damage, though can be broken down over time.

Jabs (2)
- Slash 1, Slash 2, rapid jab (similar to a move in hyrule warriors)
- A simple stab if you don't rapid jab (it would look like link's jab)

- forward tilt - Rather powerful with a tipper (again like link's). The power makes up for the lack of an fsmash.
- Up tilt - throws 4 of the red projectiles he has upward (short range)
- Down tilt - 2 Hit sword poke, using both swords (like marth/lucina)

Forward Smash (2)
- This one is a little weird. Your fsmash send out a little projectile, which if it connects, does 1% and no knockback (small amount of hitstun). However, if it connects, neutral b and nair become a homing attack and are guaranteed to hit. Last for 20 seconds or something idk

Up Smash
- 2 Sworded upward slice that goes over his head. Pretty simple.

Down Smash
- Does a 360 swinging the swords around him (kinda like meta knight's)


Neutral air - sends out one red projectile. Similar to mega man's nair but much less spammable :P Goes straight forward for a bit, unless you have connected with a fsmash
Forward air - Simple mid air slice (like Marth or Ike's)
Back air- Very similar to Ikes. 2 Hit move, using both his swords
Up air - Think Pit's ftilt but as an uair
Down air - his uair but as a dair. Spikes at centre of move

this is where i can get things from the games he's in

Neutral b - Charge up projectiles. Similar to sheik's needles. If you tilt up when you release it, it will come out as a vertical line of projectiles. tilted down will send them from above and down at an angle. Will hit no matter what if you have connected with an fsmash. Can't be shielded if the fsmash is in play, but can be avoided through spot dodges and rolls. (1)

Side b - Mix of Ike and Greninja's side b. charge up dashes at the opponent, hits depending on which side your opponent ends up on. (1)

Up b - Cloud's recovery (not as bad though) (1)

Down b - counter. "catches" the move, then counters with a sword silce. (1)

no tether or zair

Taunts (3)
up taunt - does his famous tongue waggle thing
side taunt - snaps his fingers and makes those diamond things appear
down taunt - does a little dancey thing. (those who have played skyward sword know that he likes to move around in cutscenes and stuff)

Final Smash (3)
Turns into a sword (spoilers!!!!11!!1) and Demise comes along and starts swinging like a madman

I mentioned at the start that ghirahim's skin gets broken down over time (though multiple battles). In skyward sword, the third time you fight him, he gets rid of his white skin and shows his true form. He's slower, but much more powerful. So, in smash, as his percent increases, he becomes slower but more powerful, capping at 200%. The effect doesn't start until 100% though. Visually, his skin starts to break away, with black cracks appearing in it. As an easter egg, if you get him to 999%, he transforms into his true form. (just visual, nothing else changes)

3. my slightly dodgy memory of Skyward Sword and Hyrule Warriors :P
01/19/2016 10:50:40

Ash Greninja

idk i want excuse for what Greninja should have been, Greninja doesnt even have a unique mechanic just a worse sheik kinda boring. So Ash Greninja has the ability protean so after it uses a move it changes types and each type has a different effect.
Fire-When Ash Greninja attacks an enemy they get burned and take .5% every second for 5 seconds aswell as making all their attacks deal .8x damage
Water-Ash Greninja becomes more slippery, also increases his wavedash length. Water Shuriken has more range.
Electric-When Ash Greninja attacks an enemy they get paralyzed and run 10% slower for 10 seconds.
Grass- When Ash Greninja attacks an enemy they get attached with leech seeds, taking .5% every 1 second for 6 seconds and healing Ash Greninja.
Ice-Ash Greninja becomes more slippery, also increase his wavedash length. Freezes the water Shuriken making it deal 1.2x more damage.
Fighting- Ash Greninja's next attack has 1.3x damage and knockback.
Poison-For 10 seconds Ash Greninja is a poison type, after this time is over he turns back into a water type.In the poison type state if any enemy attacks him they are poisoned and take .5% damage every second for 10 seconds.
Ground- Ground speed is 10% faster for 10 seconds.
Flying- Gives Ash Greninja 2 extra jump in the air for 10 seconds.
Psychic- displays ur opponents inputs on screen before they have even done them for 10 seconds. Requires having the head of your opponent attached to the console through several cables.
Bug-receives 1.2x more damage but deals 1.1x more damage.
Rock- receives .9 less damage and deals 1.05 more damage
Ghost- for 10 seconds has a 10% to ignore a physical it
Dragon- Gets 1 extra air jump and deals 1.1x more damage
Dark- Shield damage is increased by 30%
Steel- Receivers .7x damage from everything
Jab. Extrasensory. Turns Ash Greninja into a Pyschic type.Extends its arm and releases repeated pulses of dark energy. idk mewtwo jab clone.
Forward tilt. Night Slash. Turns Ash Greninja into a dark type. Slashes in front of him leaving effect of dark energy. kind like a mini meta knight final smash.
Up tilt. Lick .Turns Ash Greninja into a Ghost type. his tounge curves upwards around him and hits above and beside him.
Down tilt.Thunderbolt.Turns Ash Greninja into a electric type.Bolts a small strike of electricity on the ground
Dash attack. Low Sweep. Turns Greninja into a fighting type. An inside legsweep.
Forward smash.Bullet Punch. Turns Ash Greninja into a Steel type. Punches fast in front of him with steel fists.
Up smash.Leafblade. Turns Ash Greninja into a Grasstype. While wielding two katanas made of leafs, Ash Greninjas preforms an upwards strike.
Down smash.Mud sport.Turn Ash Greninja into a Ground type. Slams a ground of mud beside him thing like Charizards down smash except since mud sport is like tiny mud projectile things the mud has tiny thigs that go upwards or whatever.
Neutral aerial.Dragon breath. Turns Ash Greninja into a Dragon type. Breaths fire all around but is dragon fire its different to regular fire.
Forward flame sword not based of move from game but cool. Turns Ash Greninja into a fire type.While wielding a katana made of fire, Ash Greninja horizontally slashes in front of itself.
Back aerial. Icicle Spear. Turns Ash Greninja into an ice type. Swipes behind him with an Ice shard that falls from the sky.
Up aerial.Peck.Turns Ash Greninja into a flying type. Ash Greninja pokes his face upwards like a beck.
Down aerial. Rock Slide. Turns Greninja into a rock type. Throws a rock downwards like mega mans dair.
Neutral special Water Shuriken. Turns Ash Greninja into a water type. Cant be charged,fires 2-5 randomly and comes out frame 1 to represent the priority it has in Pokemon.
Side special. Hidden Power. Fires a beam of energy of the type Ash Greninja selects.Like Shulks Manado Arts, Ash Greninja can select which type move hidden power he wants to use from all 17 types (there isnt a hidden power fairy) and it changes his typing the move he used until he uses another type move.
Up special Hydro Pimp. Water type move. Shoots two streams of water from one of its hands in the opposite direction of travel, propelling Ash Greninja in the input directions. Turns Ash Greninja into a water type with the additional effect of him dressing up like a pimp until he uses another type move.
Down special. Gunk Shot. Poison type move. Fires a can of garbage.Turns Ash Greninja into a poison type.
Final Smash. Gameshark. Ash Greninja hacks the game and becomes every type for 20 seconds.
01/28/2016 03:02:51

Victoria Charizard
  • Wii U: DevilBoozer
  • 3DS: 4124-5214-3831
why does that greninja have a dick
01/28/2016 03:01:46

New South Wales Mario
  • Wii U: ThatLaggyPerson

The Stig

Coming straight off the Top Gear set, The Stig races his way into battle!


Uses his gloves to slap people, longer hold the button=more slaps



Uses a mini-tire.


Uses his helmet as a juggling weapon.

Forward Smash
Uses a big tire to hurt opponents, does around 15% damage with alot of knockback.

Up Smash

Helmet goes even bigger (like Wairo's) and does 17% damage.

Down Smash

Spawns a car and does donuts, 5% every hit.



Spins around. 3% every hit.


Turns into a car for a split second and does 7% damage.


Exact same thing as Forward expect it does 5% damage and has higher knockback.


Uses his gloves to clap in the air, doing 2% damage, but can be comboed.


Uses his legs to do 7% damage.



Uses a car that can be charged up (Like Puff's Rollout). The more charged, goes faster and does more damage. 8% not charged, 20% fully charged.


Uses a bike to ride around the stage, you get 3 full fd lengths, then the crew will punch you out, giving yourself 5% damage. if you hit other opponents, they deal 9% damage.

Up (recovery)

If you're near a wall, you'll be able to ride on it, getting safety back on the stage.

If you're not, the car becomes a hovercraft for a short time, and when it goes you'll go into freefall.







Up-taunt: Removes the visor and puts it back on.
Down-taunt: Does a non-hitbox donut, but with more style.
Side-taunt: Wipes a car clean. Can be cancelled mid taunt.

Final Smash (optional)
Brings a Ferrari out and does a combo with the car. Does around 35% damage.

02/01/2016 11:40:17

Queensland Squirtle
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ThatLaggyPerson said:

Now awarded.
02/20/2016 12:33:05

New South Wales Mario
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LEF said:
ThatLaggyPerson said:

Now awarded.

tyty based lef
02/20/2016 12:33:48

Queensland Squirtle
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ThatLaggyPerson said:

tyty based lef

I have new powers its kinda great
02/20/2016 12:41:03

Queensland Wii Fit Trainer
  • Wii U: Clintofskie
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Leia from Tales of Xillia

Okay basically every Tales of character has enough moves to have a moveset already made out for them. Leia is a martial artist who uses a Bo staff to fight. She is also a nurse meaning she is able to use support and healing magic. In the game she has tonnes of elaborate combos and range though she is a little slow.

Staff Rain - A 3 hit strike with a jab finisher and/or rapid jab (Finisher example)

Forward Tilt
Spins the staff around in front of her like Pit's side B in Brawl, it should reflect projectiles.

Up Tilt
A rising staff jump which also put Leia into the air (great combo starter)

Down Tilt
A quick low staff lunge that sends opponents at a flat trajectory (spacing move)

Dash Attack
Darting Claw - did I also forget to mention she can harness the elements? A wind based lunge forward

Forward Smash
Cerberus Strike - Similar to Cloud's A 3 hit Staff assault (no jump)

Up Smash
Crimson Wings - Leia channels fire magic into her staff for a Double rising staff strike (no jump)

Down Smash
Crescent Flash - A graceful twirl around with a whip of water summoned from the tip of the staff. Lots of range but slow startup.

Neutral Special
Leia gathers up wind energy in her hands and takes a standing pose, she can hold this pose for as long as she wants or cancel it with shield. But when used she dashes forward and leaves behind an explosion of wind

Side Special
A forward jumping somersault with multiple hits (can be charged)

Up Special
A twirling staff rise (like a helicopter)

Down Special
First aid - Leia starts casting a healing circle around her which heals 1% every second. She can hold it as long as she wants. This move can be cancelled with shield and rolling. She is completely vulnerable in the startup frames though.

Neutral Air
Staff twirl that covers the body (like Pit's)

Forward Air
A lunge forward like dash attack that grants tiny momentum (can use to help recover)

Back Air
A quick backwards Staff swing like Ike's

Up Air
Like Up B but doesn't rise (Pit's up air)

Down Air
Soaring Blast - slow to start up. Leia stops her momentum and slams her staff down like Cloud's Forward air but sends a shockwave towards the ground. The shockwave will spike the opponent during the initial frames of the move. When the shockwave hits the ground it also makes an explosive hitbox.

Final Smash
Soulstroke Celebration - 2 parts to this move 1 the initial spinning magical staff, if any character gets hit by this they transition to the next cutoff attack which is below if missed the move fails.

Up Taunt
Standard Victory Pose

Side Taunt
Another Victory Dance

Down Taunt
"No one can stop me!" dance (without the staff smack)

No Zair

K thanks Sakurai
03/02/2016 07:51:00

Queensland Squirtle
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@Lumi, A wild badge appeared on your profile.
03/02/2016 09:08:40

Shovel Knight would have average and even ground speed and air speed. His double jump would be the same jump as when he is wearing his golden armour. His alternate costumes would be all of the different sets of armour.

Jab - For Shovel Knight's jab he should use his shovel blade to dig at his opponent's feet, a bit like Villager's down smash.


Up - It would just be Marth's up tilt except with the shovel blade.
Forward - It would be Marth's forward tilt except with the shovel blade.
Back - It would be the same as his forward tilt except he turns backwards and it has more starting lag but less ending lag.
Down - His down tilt should be his ground spark upgrade which allows him to shoot projectiles out of his shovel blade like Link's sword beams in The Legend of Zelda.

Smash attacks

Forward Smash - There is an upgrade called the charge hammer where he slashes his shovel blade at his opponents. This would work well as a forward smash.
Up Smash - It would be the same as Marth's except with the shovel blade.
Down Smash - His down smash would be the same as Villager's.


- It would just be the exact same as Link's.
Neutral - Shovel Knight would use the same animation as for his jump when he is wearing the golden armour except with his shovel blade out.
Forward - In the game Shovel Knight can swing his shovel blade in the air which works well as a forward aerial.
Back - When Shovel Knight is climbing a ladder, he strikes with a back turn which would work well as a back aerial.
Down - In Shovel Knight, there is a move named the shovel drop which would work and look just like Link's.


Neutral - The Flare Wand would be Shovel Knights neutral special. The Flare Wand is a Relic that uses the player's magic to shoot fireballs.
Side - The Propeller Dagger would be Shovel Knight's side special. The Propeller Dagger is a Relic that allows the player to fly horizontally through the air over a short distance. The Propeller Dagger can be used to ram into enemies.
Up (recovery) - Shovel Knight would use the Propeller Dagger but rather than going sideways, he would move upwards.
Down - The Phase Locket would be a counter attack where he becomes invinsible and slashes his enemy with his shovel blade and it would also be Shovel Knight's down special

Grab & Throws
Shovel Knight could use his Fishing Rod to grab ledges and pull enemy's closer and it would be a tether grab. His pummel could be him beating his opponent's with the Dust Knuckles on.
Up - He would just throw his enemy upwards similar to the way Marth does.
Forward - He pushes his enemy's away from him and this gives them a lot of landing lag and it doesn't send them very far, setting up for combos.
Back - Shovel Knight's back throw could be the same as Mario's.


Up - Shovel Knight would raise his shovel like he does after defeating a boss.
Forward - Shovel Knight strikes the pose he strikes at the beginning of a level and text appears on the screen.
Down - Shovel Knight would dig into a treasure chest and pull out gems with that classic jingle playing.

Final Smash

Shovel Knight, Sheild Knight and Black Knight would all perform one last finishing attack.
05/15/2016 04:48:47

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