[Badge] DLC Character Movesets

Ever had ideas for movesets for DLC characters? Thought of final smashes for them? Post them here and see what variations other people have!

There will be a badge rewarded to people who post a moveset for a character.


Here's a template to help you get started:


General Overview (optional)

Forward Smash
Up Smash
Down Smash




Up (recovery)



Final Smash (optional)
10/14/2015 07:08:02
Queensland 92db1c5d-28d5-4ff8-8c8d-b05311a1ec56
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Queensland Squirtle
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AutumnWind said:

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Western Australia Mewtwo
  • Wii U: P. Reality
Elma (Xenoblade Chronicles X)

Elma is a Full Metal Jaguar from Xenoblade Chronicles X, and would be a fast-faller with dual guns and dual swords, alternating between both depending on the attack being used. She has a unique gimmick, which is Soul Voice. This gimmick heals Elma for a small amount of % if she uses an Art (Smash Attack or Special) which is fully charged. It may also give other buffs.

Jab 1: A simple sword swing.
Jab 2: The second sword is swung.
Jab 3: Both swords swung together.
In general, the jabs have bad frame data but decent hitstun and damage. Full combo 17-19%, good BKB, average KBG.
FTilt: Harsh horizontal sword swing, bad frame data, good damage. 13%, average knockback.
DTilt: A tripping kick. Can be ground teched, no knockback, 5% damage, causes a banana trip effect, low range
UTilt: One of Elma's pistols shot upwards. Good range, 10%, some hitstun, little knockback.
Forward Smash : Elma uses Back Slash, jumping forward and dealing some nice damage. 20% damage uncharged, 25% charged, average BKB, good-great KBG.
Up Smash : Elma uses Burst Grenade upwards, causing an explosion above her which deals great damage. 22% damage always, good BKB uncharged, great BKB charged, good KBG.
Down Smash : Elma uses Shadowstrike, and touching the ground around her for a short period of time will send you flying. 18% damage, great BKB, good KBG.

Nair: She swings her swords around her, akin to Corrin's Nair. 7% damage on contact.
Fair: She shoots in front of her. Decent range, sort of like Villager's Fair, 2% damage.
Up Air: Like Link's Up Air, she stabs the air above her. 6% damage.
Dair: A downward shot. Can spike if inside gun hitbox as shot is made, 4% damage.
Bair: Elma does a twirl, poking her sword out behind her for large knockback. Does 7% damage.


Flame Grenade
A charged fireball, sort of like Wii Fit Trainer's Sun Salutation. It heals a small amount of damage if charged to 100%, thanks to Elma's Gimmick, Soul Voice.
Sliding Slinger
This one can be charged like Ike's Side B, and causes Elma to fly across the screen shooting in front of her. A hit with the bullets is 5%, and a hit with Elma's kick is 12%. Does not snap ledge.
Up (recovery)
Tornado Blade
Can be charged like Diddy's rocketbarrel pack. Sends Elma higher up the more it is charged, and has a large hitbox. Small BKB and KBG, 9% damage (11% at full charge). Does not snap ledge.
Early Bird
A counter attack which must be charged to use, like Cloud's Limit Charge. Being damaged does not charge Early Bird, but using Soul Voice does. A TP meter appears above Elma's % while charging, and once fully charged. Once charged, pressing Down B once more activates a meaty 30-frame counter which activates on attacks and grabs, but is rather weak, only dealing 1.3x damage (or causes Elma to grab the opponent if activated by grab) but no knockback.

Tether/non-tether? Non-tether
Zair? No Zair

Up Taunt: Follow Ball circles Elma.
Side Taunt: Elma says her trademark "Experience is key. That's true on any planet." Can be cancelled, like Bayonetta's taunts.
Down Taunt: Elma raises a sword.

Final Smash (optional): Skell. What else? Basically functions like Giga Bowser.
03/20/2016 13:42:31

Queensland Squirtle
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PsychJ said:
Elma (Xenoblade Chronicles X)

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03/21/2016 02:33:19

Queensland Ryu
  • Wii U: Sonder1992
Shovel Knight

B: Chaos sphere - sends out a dancing green orb that deals damage. Can change its direction by pressing B.
Down-B: Fishing line - A command grab off ledges that pulls the opponent up to do an attack against. If no target is hit for 200 frames, it brings up 1 of three items that give a bonus (heal, 5-Second Extra knockback, 1-hit armor). Can be canceled with shield.
Side-B: Dust Knuckles - A Golden punch that propels Shovel knight forward a short distance. Can be used twice. Blocks projectiles. 30 frames of lag for first hit and 43 frames for second
Up-B: Propeller dagger- propels Shovel Knight forward a long Distance. Does good shield damage. Cannot airdodge after using this move.

Down-Smash: A 3 hit shovel dig infront of him. First 2 hits bury, and the 3rd hit deals good knock back.
F-Smash: A 14-16 frame shovel swing. Good recovery (frame 45) Kills at 120.
Up-Smash: Frame 11. lifts his shovel up heroically with one hand as if claiming land. Can cast again on frame 20 like the links, but the 2nd hit is Diagonall forward 70 degrees, leaving an opening if you jump behind, but covers people trying to land in front.

Nair: Warhorn - deals damage around Shovel knight, and propels him up a good distance the first time it is cast before landing (30 frames). This is his vertical recovery.
Fair: Flare wand - A projectile with good range
Bair: A dust Knuckles Spike. Shortish range.
Uair: Shoves his shovel in the sky
Dair: Drops down with his shovel. Will bounce on targets and can spike on the frame 15-25.

Tilts and Jab
F-tilt: Flame strike - swings with a flame hitbox. Good range.
D-tilt: Footsy ground poke
Up-Tilt: Swings head up with horns. Combos into itself 2-3 times at low percents
Jab: Frame 3 shovel stab

Final Smash
Mobile Gear: Places a gear that he can ride with good speed and heavy knockback. Continuously moves across the screen.

Movement: Good Jump height. Good ground speed. Lower horizontal speed in the air.

06/29/2016 18:50:12

Victoria Fox
  • Wii U: Noth1ngness69
  • 3DS: 4270-4771-8459
Sora (Kingdom Hearts)

General Overview.

Sora would be another sword user but his weapon would be his iconic Keyblade. He would be mid speed on ground runner, floaty in the air with medium air speed and is average weight. He would also be a semi juggle character with lots of moves that hit multiple times or can string into other moves. He would have his KH 1 outfit as a skin and then his KH2 main outfit and Drive mode skins as alternates. At the end of his Keyblade it does more damage like Marth’s tipper but doesn’t send them further, just does more damage and might have a different affect like F-Air spikes if you hit at the end of the blade.

Ground Moves
His Jabs would be a basic overhead swing (hit 1), a lunge (pokes Keyblade forward, hit 2), and then hit 3 is just a wide swing in front of him. Not a rapid jab. Based on his distance away from when he starts then jab though Hit 1 and 2 swap and he hits 2,1,3 Just like in the Game. But close would be 1,2,3.


Up Tilt
Hurricane Period – Spins with the Keyblade and hits vertically. Can be a juggle tool. Maybe hit 3 at low % and then links to other moves.

Down Tilt
Upper slash – Sends person into the air scoops them upwards swinging Keyblade from bottom to top. Can be a combo starter.

Forward Tilt
His forward tilt is just him swinging his sword diagonally in front of him very similar to Clouds F-Tilt

Smash Attacks

Forward Smash 3 seconds in. He jumps forward and swings his Keyblade much like Links Dash attack.

Up Smash
Very similar to Hurricane Period. But he Swings as hard as he can dealing more damage and more knockback but he cannot act fast out of it.

Down Smash
Explosion - Summons orbs around him and they hit enemies multiple times. KH 2 Version.

Aerial Moves

He would swing his keyblade in front of him and also like in the game his legs would move up into more of a squat position meaning hurtbox underneath is smaller.

Forward Air
Horizontal Slash – Would be a multi-hit (up to 4 hits) but can be SDI out of and moves forward in the air a small distance.

Back Air
Very basic just turns his body and swings his sword behind him the same way Marth/Lucina/Cloud. Not a multi-hit move.

Up Air
He summons a second Keyblade Oathkeeper and Sora spins like a ball in the air and the blades spin around him hitting all around him. He spins in the video a few times but for smash he could spin 1 time and it hits 1 time either on top or underneath. Underneath is a sour spot. 27 seconds.

Down 20 seconds in. The video shows this in his Final Form but it can be tweaked to just use 1 Keyblade. So he dives towards the ground and it is a multi-hit move. Much like Corrin’s down air.


Guard Break – Dashes forwared and hits shield to break shield. Probably break it when shield is a little lower then when Ryu can.

Side Special
Quick Run- He dashes left or right at high speed (Very much like Fox/Falco illusion) doesn’t hit people and is invincible in the middle of the move only but at the start and end of it can be hit.

Up (recovery)
He basically does like a third Jump (lunches himself upward at an angle) But he summons 2 Keyblades around him Oblivion and Oathkeeper and they spin underneath him. If he hits someone with it underneath him it spikes them but at the top of him it doesn’t have a hitbox. 20 seconds in.

Down Special
A counter as he has one in the game called Guard. Could be like his KH2 version where he spins his body around and puts his Keyblade in front of his body. What can be different about his like in KH2 if he doesn’t suffer a high amount of recoil from an attack he counter attacks (like the rest of the cast with a counter) or he can block many attacks in a row for the time the animation is up. So it could block a few lasers but he cannot counterattack those. Only counterattack tilts, attacks, smash attacks, aerials and certain specials. 18 seconds in you see him use guard and his body turns

No teather/Zair

Can be his finishing poses from when he completes rounds at the coliseum in KH1
07/02/2016 07:05:43

Victoria Mewtwo
  • Wii U: Revax0
  • 3DS: 4725-9291-3506

Everyone was all hype when Ivysaur made it into smash bros, however I think Victreebel could add something unique. It wouldn’t be a mobile character, so its style of play would be centralised around getting the opponent to come to them and grabbing them.

Jabs - Vine whip – Victreebel slaps the area in front of it with its vine similar to Ivysaur, only better because it is Victreebel
Tilts upAcid spray – Sprays a mist above Victreebel
SideLeaf blade – Pokes in front of it. Fast and has a sweet spot, but has a bit of end lag
DownFrustration – Victreebel moves a short distance the way it is facing similar to dedede’s d-tilt
Forward SmashPower whip – Victreebel hits twice in front of it
Up Smash - Wrap – Disjointed above Wictreebel, if it hits the opponent, it does damage and grabs the opponent. Counts as a command grab so opponents cannot shield it on platformed stages
Down SmashSweet scent – Does shield damage on both sides of Victreebel

Aerials – Sort of underwhelming besides neutral-air because Victreebel doesn’t perform well in the air

NeutralWeather ball – Victreebel spins around releasing a mist
ForwardKnock off – Swings in front of it. Powerful but laggy
BackCut – 3 hits behind victreebel similar to Mega Man b-air only slower
UpSeed bomb – Fires a seed upwards that can hit opponents, knocking them downwards
DownSlam – Falls downwards faster. Can ground opponents, setting up for a z-air grab


NeutralMagical leaf – Victreebel fires a leaf that can be guided with the control stick. If the opponent gets hit by the leaf they get knocked in Victreebel’s direction. Victreebel cannot move while using this move unless they release the B button, then the leaf will fly off in a direction. The move lasts for about 3 seconds.
SideBullet seed – Fast horizontal projectile that can be charged to increase the number of seeds fired and how far they go.
Up (recovery)Leaf tornado – Victreebel creates a gust of wind and gets propelled into the air
DownSludge bomb – Can be charged and angled to fire a sludge bomb in a direction, causing that area to be poisoned, causing damage to opponents that are standing on that ground

Tether – By pressing Z, Victreebel scoops the area in front of it with its leaves into its mouth (Swallow). After pummelling, it uses Spit up, which does a little more damage based on how many times the opponent was pummelled.
Zair – By Holding z, Victreebel’s vine can be controlled in its immediate vicinity (Can be used to frame trap or for tech situations), however the vine can be hit by attacks and temporarily broken

Taunts – Emits its victory scream, does a dance, ect.

Final SmashSunny Day – Through the wonders of cholophyll, victreebel becomes a speed demon. Similar to a mega evolution, its abilities are enhanced. Major improvements include
- Weather ball is fiery and has longer range
- Magical leaf is bigger, as are most grass attacks
- The vine regrows faster
07/02/2016 08:11:08

Queensland Captain Falcon
  • Wii U: cjeccjec
  • 3DS: 0018-1766-9226
The Gingerbread Man

General overview

An all rounder type of character who can use his medium sized candy cane weapon to space, has an average projectile game and can also handle himself up close and personal.


Normal Jab - Gingerbread Man does a one two jab combo then finishes up with a single strong candy cane strike. Similar to Captain Falcon's in terms of knock back and speed

Multi-hit Jab - Gingerbread Man starts off the one two jab then finishes the opponent with a twirling cross up of candy cane slashes. Similar to the first part of falcon's jab then bayonet's jab for the finisher (in terms of knock back and speed)

Up Tilt - in quick succession The Gingerbread Man knocks his candy cane above his head back and forth, twice.The move combos into itself at low percents

Side Tilt - Spinning his candy cane The Gingerbread Man extends his hand. (Think of DDD). The sweet spot will meteor smash

Down Tilt - The Gingerbread Man pulls out two candy canes (not his sword) out of his pocket (what pockets?). He then spins them in front and behind him. Just Imagine palutena's down tilt on both sides with less end lag.


Forward Smash - The Gingerbread Man juts his candy cane sword forwards (can be angled up or down) similar to corrin's in that the end of the move tippers.

Up Smash - The Gingerbread Man angles his sword above him and strikes multiple times

Down Smash - Pulls out w normal candy canes which enlarge as he charges down smash. Once released, he slams both candy canes downwards beside him


Neutral Air - Frame 1 kick which is very strong but only lasts for 3 frames. Also has a massively disjointed hitbox.

Forward Air - A slash forward similar to Clouds with no meteor

Back Air - Throws himself back and reaches with a candy cane strike.

Up Air - It's like Cloud's and op

Down Air - Like Brawl DDD's except it meteors and is really strong


Neutral Special- Lagless candy cane boomerang throw (can have up to two in play at a time)

Side Special - Places a candy cane in the floor which explodes when walked over (Gingy can't hit himself with this)

Up Special - Candy cane torpedo, like Link's but looks more like fox's because its faster and doesn't have many protruding hitboxes

Down Special - Pulls a gumdrop which explodes on the Gingerbread man after a few seconds. Will not damage The GingerBread Man but will put him in hitstun and damage opponents


up - he laughs at you
down - he makes a cocky remark
side - pole dances for you and gives you a wink ;)

Final Smash - no
10/02/2016 23:41:45

Cadence (Crypt of The Necrodancer)

Cadence is the main character of the rhythm rouge-like game Crypt of the Necrodancer, she wields many tools and is suited towards balanced or defensive play.


Jab- Cadence swings a dagger to the left then to the right, dealing 8% damage and doing very little knock back, so it is good for starting combos.

(Cadence has no multi-hit jab.)

Up tilt- Cadence nods her head upwards as a reference to characters nodding/bobbing their heads to the rhythm of a song in Crypt of the Necrodancer. This attack does 10% damage and can't combo, it is good for punishing opponents in the air.

Side tilt- Cadence swings a shovel to hurt opponents. This attack has a small bit of start up lag and very little ending lag. The attack has a chance of burying opponents into the ground. This attack does 5% damage

Down tilt- Cadence swings a sword downwards, knocking opponents upwards to start combos. The hitbox of this attack is quite big. The attack does 4% damage.


Forward smash- Cadence charges a powerful whip swing to knock opponents away. Imagine Corrin's forward smash. Forward smash is a great kill move and has amazing range just like Corrin's Forward Smash. The attack can be angled upwards or downwards.

Up Smash- Cadence throws her dagger upwards. Not a good kill move but good for punishes.

Down Smash- Cadence spins around with a sword similar to Shulk's down smash. It is good for covering ledge options.


Neutral- Cadence swings her sword to the left then to the right. It has good range. Not a good approach option.

Forward- Cadence swings her sword like Cloud's forward air. (I'm running out of ideas...)

Back- Similar to Cloud's back air but it has two hits. Good for approaching and spacing.

Down- Similar to Link's down air, Cadence attacks using a shovel. Good for approach and defensive play.

Up- Similar to Cadence's up tilt and Lucas's up air. Has two hits.

Specials (Finally, a section where I have many ideas!)

Neutral- Cadence throws a spear. Good for approach, gimping and pressuring opponents into shield. Slow attack but is very powerful and can kill offstage at around 70%

Side- Cadence throws a sword to hit opponents before the sword travels back to her like a boomerang. The attack comes out quickly, is great for approaching and playing defensively.

Up- Cadence drops a bomb below her, the explosion launches her upwards. You can grab the bomb if you use it on stage and grab it before it blows up. Imagine grabbing the bomb like Diddy Kong using his banana. Good for approaching, gimping and defensive play.

Down Special

Attack enemies all around you using a flail.


Up- Cadence says "My heart feels like a drum"
Down- Cadence pulls come gold out of her pockets, then puts it away
Side- Cadence throws her dagger upwards then catches it.

FINAL SMASH: Golden Lute

Cadence pulls out a Golden Lute and begins attacking everyone, anyone who goes near her gets launched. Also, it only lasts for 20 seconds.

05/10/2017 10:56:23

New Zealand Sheik
  • Wii U: HWChungis
  • 3DS: 0447-8060-8710
King Bulblin

King Bulblin is a heavy and slow character who deals large amounts of damage per hit.


Neutral Special - Stabs his big pike forwards at a 45º angle, which is a command grab that reaches on the ground infront of him a bit, and on BF and DL side platforms, then tosses them a little forward. Can be used in the air and is disjointed as hell so good for antiairing when they're in front of you or catching the opponent shielding on platforms.

Up Special - Flies upwards, then smashes down. Think King Dedede upb.

Side Special - Spawns his Bullbo and rides it around. Like Wario's bike. Controls the same as Wario's bike, but when it dies or lands on the ground without king bulblin riding it, it explodes with that Twlight Princess dead enemy black pixelated cloud thing. No items here. He can also jump with it, Bullbo and all. This bullbo jump only works while grounded, while airborne king bulblin will jump off. He can taunt while riding the Bullbo.
Hitting an opponent while riding the bullbo only damages them lightly. If you press a while riding it however, the bullbo does a head lunge which is very strong. The head lunge is also only possible on the ground.

Down Special - Large shields appear on each of his arms, and stay there as he attacks and does other moves. They have the same effect as links hylian shield, but they track to his arms. They leave at the end of a stock, or when they've been dealt 15 hp by projectiles. They'd have a little breaking animation, similar to breaking reflectors, so them breaking leaves him open for a small punish. After breaking they can't be summoned back for 20 seconds.

Ground Attacks

Jab - Pokes the opponent with the spike at the base of his axe.

Forward Tilt - Holding his axe horizontally, he shoves it towards the opponent, hitting them with the shaft.

Up Tilt - Squats then stands full height (his normal position is kinda slouched), poking with his horns.

Down Tilt - Slides his axe along the ground around him. Think ike down tilt mixed with shulk down smash.

Getup Attack - Swings his axe around while getting up

Smash Attacks

Forward Smash - Swings his massive axe one way horizontally, then again the other direction. Like Link's forward smash, to do the second hit you have to press A again. Because of how slow it is, the first hit will do craaaaazy hitlag so it can combo into the second finishing hit.

Down Smash - Swings his massive axe from behind him over his head, slamming it on the ground in front of him.

Up Smash - Very similar to down smash, but swings it upwards from in front of him. Like clouds upsmash


Neutral Air - Jumps and spreads himself out fully. Like Wario Nair but without the spin.

Up Air - Pokes his axe directly upwards

Forward Air - Headbutts forwards with his horns

Back Air - Swings his sword behind him. Think Ike back air.

Down Air - Plummets downwards horns first. Spikes.

Grab & Throws

Grab - Reaches down quickly and grabs the opponent by the chest or back, depending on what direction they're facing.

Down Throw - Throws them down on the ground then jumps on them.

Forward Throw - Tosses them slightly then whacks them with flat side of his axe.

Up Throw - Tosses them upwards a very small distance. His main combo throw.

Side Taunt - Beckons the opponent with a hand gesture and laugh/grunts.

Up Taunt - Blows his horn. This is the only taunt that can be used while riding the Bullbo.

Down Taunt - Points to himself with his thumb.

And another special thing - When he loses a stock a Key item will appear to be tossed from him, similar to when robin discards the books. This is because the second time you fight him in Twilight Princess a key is thrown from him.

11/21/2016 22:37:51

Queensland King Dedede
  • Wii U: Snort71
  • 3DS: 0233-3087-8300
Crash Bandicoot

Crash would be a light-weight and a fast character with weak hitting moves. He would have great aerial agility and moves that come out quick. He can't hit very hard as previously said. Think of a sonic with Wario's air agility.

Jab: 3 Weak hitting punches to the opponent. Causes 9%.

Rapid Jab. First 2 hits are the same as the regular jab but the rapid part would come from Crash doing his spin attack. Think of Falco's rapid Jab.

N-Air: Would spin around in the air. Would have a hitbox all around him but it wouldn't be out for long.

F-Air: Crash flings his foot in-front of him.

B-Air: Throws a Wumba Fruit behind him. Acts like a short projectile that doesn't do much damage.

U-Air: Swings his Yo-Yo over his head. Multi-hit.

D-Air: Does the belly flop in Crash Twinsanity. Powerful but has quite a bit of lag.

U-Tilt: Crash would flick his snout upwards.

S-Tilt: Aku Aku is pushed forward damaging the opponent. Stays out for a short while.

D-Tilt: Does that foot slide from Crash Twinsanity and probably the games before it.

Crawl: Like in Twinsanity.

Grab: Like Sonic's

Pummel: Like Sonic's

U-Throw: Throws them at an up-ward angle like how you can throw Cortex in Crash Bandicoot Twinsanity.

F-Throw: Like the Cortex Hammer from Crash Twinsanity.

B-Throw: Like Mario's back throw + Crash spin. So a fist Mario Back Throw Spin thingy.

D-Throw: Throws them on the ground and kicks the back of the opponent's head. Pretty violent.

U-Smash: Headbutt like Mario.

S-Smash: Winds up a punch then releases it like Sonic.

D-Smash: Does some sort of JigglyPuff D-Smash but like the splits. Makes a cringing face in the process as that is classic Crash humour.

Neutral-B: Does the classic Crash spin. Reflects projectiles.

Side-B: Places TNT or Nitro on the ground. It's a 50-50 chance of it being either a TNT or a Nitro. Only 3 can be placed at once.

TNT (Side-B) Counts down from 3 and then automatically explodes.

Nitro (Side-B) Will be placed on the ground until someone steps on it. Deactivates after 20 seconds.

Up-B: Uses his Jetpack. Like Diddy Kong's but easier to control, but doesn't go as high.

Down-B: Aku Aku goes around Crash. It protects you from moves that do less than 9%. Sort of like Mega-Man's Down-B, but you can't shoot Aku Aku out like you can with the leaves. Protects you for 10 seconds, takes 20 seconds to recharge.

Up-Taunt: The Crash Dance of course! =)

Side-Taunt: Eats a piece of Wumba Fruit then points the thumbs up at the camera.

Down-Taunt: Grabs a gem from his mouth and shows it off.

FINAL SMASH: Calls in Cortex who is confused. Crash holds the pink crystal from Twinsanity which powered the way to get to the 10th Dimension. Cortex gets jealous and holds onto the crystal with Crash. Crash can now use cortex as an extension to his moves. Crash's moves get more range and power and he gets a couple of new moves like the Cortex Hammer and the Cortex Throw.

Thank you for looking at my idea, I hope you enjoyed!

10/11/2017 13:44:46

Queensland King Dedede
  • Wii U: Snort71
  • 3DS: 0233-3087-8300
Hate to be rude, but where's my badge?
11/03/2017 04:31:30

Queensland Bayonetta
No data
Please forgive us we're terrible at awarding badges Simikins had to wait over a year for his.

These badges should now be awarded.
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