[Badge] Wii U Custom Moves

QLD Smash is offering a Palutena badge as a reward for any user who can prove they've unlocked all custom moves on their Wii U version of Super Smash Bros.

To prove that you've unlocked all custom moves, you'll need to post a photo of the milestone where you unlocked all the custom moves with something showing your username in the photo. Note that showing the achievements board with the custom moves achievement unlocked is not satisfactory as this can be done with a golden hammer.

There is no closing date for submissions to earn this badge.
12/30/2014 02:32:56
Queensland 92db1c5d-28d5-4ff8-8c8d-b05311a1ec56
No data

Victoria Snake
  • Wii U: boudag
  • 3DS: 4399-0101-5784
This... is going to take a while.
12/30/2014 03:01:12

no hammers, 3DS on bottom right
12/30/2014 04:54:54

Victoria Duck Hunt Duo
  • Wii U: dean7599
  • 3DS: 1435-4425-6023

And I will never use any of them. Now hopefully the game gives me those last nine hats within the next several months...
12/30/2014 05:51:58

I only have 2 hats left
12/30/2014 05:58:02

Queensland Bayonetta
No data
Dean has been awarded this badge.

Aero please provide a photo of the Milestones to claim this badge as per the instructions.
01/08/2015 21:41:39

Victoria Charizard
  • Wii U: DevilBoozer
  • 3DS: 4124-5214-3831
but he very clearly hasn't used any golden hammers?????

01/09/2015 01:47:27

It's alright boozer, sometimes people just want to make other people's lives difficult
01/09/2015 01:58:49

Queensland Mega Man
  • Switch: SW-4350-9889-9978
  • Wii U: djkaion
  • 3DS: 1091-9241-2919
He also very clearly didn't follow the clear instructions that were clearly put up the top of the thread.

How else will we compare when people have unlocked custom moves?
01/09/2015 03:13:40

Compare what?

My Wii U date is wrong so it;ll say I unlocked them in 2013

I don't see

your point
01/09/2015 04:36:46

Victoria Charizard
  • Wii U: DevilBoozer
  • 3DS: 4124-5214-3831

give me fanservice palutena badge pls tyty

iunno why image is on its side quickdraw decided it needed to do this. i like it better this way it is totally artistic and stuff ~ooooooooooooooo~
01/22/2015 10:19:54

Queensland Mega Man
  • Switch: SW-4350-9889-9978
  • Wii U: djkaion
  • 3DS: 1091-9241-2919
Badge awarded

I still need to upload mine.
01/22/2015 11:03:55

ok so i got my custom moves

2 years before boozer

am winner

01/22/2015 13:55:05

Victoria Mewtwo
  • Wii U: Revax0
  • 3DS: 4725-9291-3506

Much rage was shed and grinding, but it's finally over
04/21/2015 15:02:06

Queensland Bayonetta
No data
Congratulations Revax you have seemed to have awarded yourself a badge.

Now go play some RPG if you like grinding so much.
04/22/2015 00:13:48

Victoria Sonic
  • Wii U: Lizzam
  • 3DS: 4081-5689-9075

Got this a while ago for 3ds, but still a long way before I get them all again on Wii U >.>
04/25/2015 11:26:47

wait wat if already used our hammers on something else?
05/06/2015 11:01:18

Queensland Roy
  • Wii U: MakingcAKE82
  • 3DS: 0748-3964-5420
Does it still count for the 3DS versionRandom I dont have a wii u.
07/08/2015 21:48:45

I bought an amiibo reader recently thanks past me!
07/09/2015 06:06:38

New South Wales Cloud
  • Wii U: lunacywastaken
No hammers used.
10/25/2015 10:48:57

South Australia Squirtle
  • Wii U: EskimoleJoe

now what do I do with the rest of my holidays
12/09/2015 03:52:36

Western Australia Mr. Game and Watch
  • Wii U: Oceanblue44
Empire said:

now what do I do with the rest of my holidays

Get good :3
12/09/2015 05:19:07

Victoria Fox
  • Wii U: Noth1ngness69
  • 3DS: 4270-4771-8459
woo i forgot there was a badge for this
07/01/2016 15:59:33

Australian Capital Territory Mewtwo
  • Wii U: LordDesu
  • 3DS: 2509-1684-0039
I've done it. I've... finally done it.

I'd like to thank all my adoring fans who got me to where I am today. I would be nothing without them. You're all beautiful. I almost feel unworthy of this level of success.

Also I wrote my name on a disposable plate because I couldn't find a sticky note or whatever, I hope that's okay.
02/07/2017 05:46:45

Queensland Squirtle
  • Switch: SW-6629-2203-1611
  • Wii U: lachlanfirth96
  • 3DS: 0232-8657-5660
Enjoy. your. new. badge. Zowayix.
02/07/2017 05:48:51

Queensland Luigi
  • Switch: SW-3417-1837-8979
  • Wii U: Scrail
  • 3DS: 0705-3632-0299

If a tree falls in the woods and no-one's around to hear it etc.
09/08/2017 10:05:24

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