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09/29/2014 12:39:47
Queensland 92db1c5d-28d5-4ff8-8c8d-b05311a1ec56
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D.K. Donkey Kong
He's the leader of the bunch
you know him well,
He's finally back, to kick some tail.
His coconut gun can fire in spurts,
If he shoots ya, it's gunna hurt.
He's bigger, faster, and stronger too,
He's the first member of the D. K. crew.

TL;DR - DK gona rek you!
09/29/2014 00:46:20

Queensland Mega Man
  • Switch: SW-4350-9889-9978
  • Wii U: djkaion
  • 3DS: 1091-9241-2919
After last night im surprised at how good DK now is at breaking shields. Also his grounded upB is so different dunno how to punish now

Good to see B reversal DK punch is a thing WHY CANT SAMUS B REVERSE CHARGE SHOT NOW OMG Samus
10/08/2014 03:23:58

New South Wales Metaknight
  • Wii U: I_MAY_LAG
  • 3DS: 4484-9827-3267
I really enjoy spamming shield so Dks side-b annoys me. I haven't tried it yet but im pretty sure sheik can wreck dk.
10/08/2014 03:51:51

Australian Capital Territory Donkey Kong
  • Wii U: AppleCrumbl3
  • 3DS: 1993-9549-5805
DK has always been able to reverse punch, his punch has been nerfed hard from brawl though as it no longer has the same amount of super armour and can be interrupted. It also takes 10 winds now, they couldn't have nerfed DK harder tbh.
10/08/2014 07:30:00

Victoria Ness
  • Wii U: SRK l Emery
Apple-o do you think DK deserves bottom?
11/08/2014 08:18:29

Victoria Duck Hunt Duo
  • Wii U: dean7599
  • 3DS: 1435-4425-6023
Hoo-Ha-ing people is fun
08/01/2015 07:47:41

Victoria Ganondorf
  • Wii U: Exmantika
  • 3DS: 4811-7060-6931
*blows dust off the forum*

I've been kind of bored lately, so to help keep up with latest web technologies I created a Progressive Web App for calculating Donkey Kong's Ding Dong percents in Smash4.
The link was here -->

This works like a standard app that's downloaded from the App store, but it can be downloaded to a phone/tablet for quick access and offline use.
It's been built mobile-first, so is optimised for handheld devices, but scales up to desktop sizes coherently as well.

All the values are based on the spreadsheet values in the docs that Poke and the other DK mains put together, as well as my own experimentation. -->

As with all things in Smash4 - DI, rage, weights, hurtbox shift and other jank can make some of the values not 100% accurate, but they're fairly consistent give or take about 5-10%.

If there was any feedback though, let me know. Hopefully this should help a few people out.
07/27/2017 04:59:21

07/27/2017 09:15:49

Victoria Ganondorf
  • Wii U: Exmantika
  • 3DS: 4811-7060-6931 has now been superseded by .
For all your lovely Ding Dong combos plus a whole bunch of other character confirms, try visiting
02/10/2018 01:53:16

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