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11/13/2014 11:51:53
Victoria Super Smash Bros. for Wii U - Duck Hunt
  • Wii U: dean7599
  • 3DS: 1435-4425-6023

Queensland Mega Man
  • Switch: SW-4350-9889-9978
  • Wii U: djkaion
  • 3DS: 1091-9241-2919
In all this pre release Duck Hunt looks broken hype it's a good time to be a Megaman main.

This better work on Olimars, I have a particular one in mind.... Peach
10/02/2014 12:41:00

Victoria Duck Hunt Duo
  • Wii U: dean7599
  • 3DS: 1435-4425-6023
i don't got the dedede thread so i guess i'll take the doge thread instead

good news everyone! duck hunt is seemingly unchanged in the recent patch.
might post my thoughts about duck hunt in general later.

so what is there to know about duck hunt?
well, they have formed a reputation for themselves for their formidable projectile game. this comes in the form of:
clay shooting, duck hunt's side-B. does a respectable 10% if all hits connect and can combo into grab or aerials at low/mid percents. the start-up on this move is reasonably quick and it travels quite quickly when first throw. however it has a nasty bit of end lag and slows down quickly after thrown so it's quite poor at long ranges. it seems best used at mid ranges.
trick shooting, duck hunt's neutral-B. incredibly versatile. doesn't move quickly across the stage which makes it poor for camping though. probably the most versatile projectile of duck hunt's to master because of the myriad of different ways it can be positioned, the direction that all of duck hunt's moves send the can, etc... it can be used to follow up on your attacks, cover your end lag, edgeguard, combo escape... be creative! one thing to note is that opponents can also attack the can; if the can goes flying into duck hunt they will take damage.
wild gunman: gunmen have 5HP. there are five gunmen that can be summoned at random; each of them have different ranges, speed, damage. they are quite slow to fire and reasonably weak (damage ranges from 4-7% depending on who was summoned) but the fact that duck hunt can already begin moving by the time they've fired means you can use this attack to cover your own attacks. e.g. opponent going to shield the gunman shot? you can land a grab. opponent going to jump over? fair.

so with all of that said duck hunt does make a formidable projectile wall. none of the projectile's are especially good by themselves, but the way they can cover the gaps in a projectile with a different one makes approaching duck hunt a torrid task. however, i feel that the real strength of duck hunt's is not running away all game (unless you're fighting bowser maybe) but the way in which duck hunt's projectile's can complement their up-close game, which consists mainly of the following:
fair: duck hunt's best melee move. big range (and the duck is completely disjointed), nice speed, good cooldown and endlag. 10% is also not bad damage. duck hunt's bread&butter up-close spacing tool.
ftilt: decent range, speed and cooldown make this a decent poke. does 8%.
jab: quick, safe damage builder. standard jab does 9% and rapid jab can do 11%+. unfortunately the final hit of both is fairly escapable :/
grab: duck hunt has quite a large grab range. throws aren't anything amazing though. fthrow can combo into dash attack and fair at low-ish percents. bthrow does the most damage. dthrow doesn't really combo but can set up into follow-ups if you get a good read; i usually just fthrow or bthrow them off-stage however. uthrow is best kill throw; if you haven't gotten the kill at 200%+ then uthrow might just to the trick.
nair: very quick, good hitbox all around them and lasts a long time. does not auto-cancel in a shorthop however and has notable landing lag which hinders its usefulness.

one of duck hunt's biggest weaknesses involves struggling to finish off opponent's stocks. duck hunt's main kill moves are:
smash attacks. all of these moves are slow and have long cooldown, but the power is good and in fsmash's case especially the range is good. usmash can be done out of a dash and out of shield so it has some utility there i guess. dsmash hits both sides of duck hunt and the final hit sends behind him/her; however sometimes the first hit won't connect into the second. fsmash has excellent range and charging it gives it even more range, but like dsmash the first hits don't always link into each other reliably.
bair: compared to fair it is shorter range and laggier but notably more powerful. it still isn't especially powerful however.
nair: similar kill power to bair.
uair: decent power that can kill somewhat better than its power suggests because you usually land it on opponents who are closer to the top of the screen. good speed and vertical range but not easy to land because you need to chase opponents from underneath to land it.
trick shooting: weaker than duck hunt's melee moves but probably one of their most used kill moves, due to its safety and the fact you can edgeguard with it.

with regards to customs, there are some interesting options. to me, it seems the main ones talking about are:
super duck jump. one of duck hunt's biggest weaknesses is that they have a slow-moving up-b with no hitboxes to protect them and no way to cancel it once begun, although trick shooting can help deter edgeguarders. super duck jump doesn't have a hitbox (it does have a windbox though) and can't be cancelled but it sure fixes the slow-moving part. very limited horizontal range though.
giant gunman: slower and weaker than regular gunmen, but their large size and 25HP can help block non-piercing projectiles and help duck hunt win a camp-off.
high-explosive shot: lacks the versatility of trick shot but moves and explodes quicker, making it function move like a regular projectile if you need some immediate mid-range pressure.
zig-zag shot: the can doesn't explode on impact but the nes zapper shots do more damage. this move requires practice to control correctly but could possibly give great stage control.

duck hunt in summary:
great projectiles to complement an adequate close-quarters game
middling damage output
low kill power
poor recovery
duck makes hilarious faces
brown&white alt is the cutest

Changes to Duck Hunt in the Wii U version:
- Dog now cowers away from the can if it is shot too close to him/her. This animation can be interrupted at any point and is purely aesthetic. This is not expected to change Duck Hunt's viability.
- Duck now laughs as well in side taunt. This is expected to give a huge boost to Duck Hunt's viability.

Brood is probably the best Duck Hunt I've seen yet. (warning: one hour long).
MVD is also quite good. (also very long).
I was quite impressed with FOW's Duck Hunt on stream at the American launch invitational, even if it was only a secondary.

I lost Duck Hunt dittos to Amaterasu and Mozart on Sunday. Melbourne truly is land of the Duck Hunters.
12/02/2014 10:16:38

The animation with the can being too close was in 3DS
12/02/2014 21:53:18

Victoria Duck Hunt Duo
  • Wii U: dean7599
  • 3DS: 1435-4425-6023
oh hey you're right. all those games as duck hunt and i never saw it once.
12/02/2014 22:22:46

Tasmania Jigglypuff
  • Wii U: Supertickles
This character is once again relevant.
01/03/2016 08:54:45

Victoria Rosalina & Luma
  • Wii U: mat7772
Boozer be afraid
01/03/2016 10:07:48

01/03/2016 10:09:32

Queensland Roy
  • Wii U: MakingcAKE82
  • 3DS: 0748-3964-5420
Have you guys ever looked at DHD's legs when he runs off the platform without jumping? One big meme.
01/03/2016 11:20:12

Victoria Charizard
  • Wii U: DevilBoozer
  • 3DS: 4124-5214-3831
cAKE said:
Have you guys ever looked at DHD's legs when he runs off the platform without jumping? One big meme.

its literally the most adorable thing ever

makes me hate him a little bit less

(still cancer tho)
01/03/2016 11:49:53

Victoria Duck Hunt Duo
  • Wii U: dean7599
  • 3DS: 1435-4425-6023
Damn bandwagoners.
06/04/2017 07:46:36

Victoria ROB
  • Switch: SW-6363-7326-3322
  • Wii U: Mamapic
  • 3DS: 4398-9556-9909
06/04/2017 10:44:41

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