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Player account claims thread

Use this thread to make a claim for linking your QLD user profile to one of the players accounts for your tournament results and Power Rankings.

This unlocks benefits on the site which include:
* The ability to manage your own competitive character data and influence the Character Usage chart
* The ability to create blog articles
* The ability to create threads
* The ability to upload images to the site
* The ability to use alternate character icons for your main such as female Robin and male Wii Fit Trainer
* The ability to use alternate sound banks for the online section, such as Palutena, Captain Falcon or Villager
* The ability to request a username change from the administrators
10/05/2017 23:14:59
Queensland 92db1c5d-28d5-4ff8-8c8d-b05311a1ec56
No data

Victoria ROB
  • Switch: SW-6363-7326-3322
  • Wii U: Mamapic
  • 3DS: 4398-9556-9909
can someone change the P to a capital its really killing me,
05/07/2018 00:26:32

I'd like to claim Doziam as my tag on the site.
05/14/2018 15:20:33

I'd like to claim Dawnfire, Western Australian
05/17/2018 16:27:37

I would like to claim Narcissus, Queensland
06/26/2018 08:55:17

Idk if Blurry is linked to Blurry cause don't think I commented in here, but yeah
07/02/2018 13:42:24

Victoria Zelda
  • Wii U: CircutBreak
I'd like to claim Falchion, thanks
07/16/2018 06:18:14

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