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Player account claims thread

Use this thread to make a claim for linking your QLD user profile to one of the players accounts for your tournament results and Power Rankings.

This unlocks benefits on the site which include:
* The ability to manage your own competitive character data and influence the Character Usage chart
* The ability to create blog articles
* The ability to create threads
* The ability to upload images to the site
* The ability to use alternate character icons for your main such as female Robin and male Wii Fit Trainer
* The ability to use alternate sound banks for the online section, such as Palutena, Captain Falcon or Villager
* The ability to request a username change from the administrators
10/05/2017 23:14:59
Queensland 92db1c5d-28d5-4ff8-8c8d-b05311a1ec56
No data

Victoria ROB
  • Switch: SW-6363-7326-3322
  • Wii U: Mamapic
  • 3DS: 4398-9556-9909
can someone change the P to a capital its really killing me,
05/07/2018 00:26:32

I'd like to claim Doziam as my tag on the site.
05/14/2018 15:20:33

I'd like to claim Dawnfire, Western Australian
05/17/2018 16:27:37

I would like to claim Narcissus, Queensland
06/26/2018 08:55:17

Idk if Blurry is linked to Blurry cause don't think I commented in here, but yeah
07/02/2018 13:42:24

Victoria Zelda
  • Wii U: CircutBreak
I'd like to claim Falchion, thanks
07/16/2018 06:18:14

I'd like to claim Zerg, I have attended Big boy melee tournaments and Cash Smash melee tournaments in Brisbane.
07/19/2018 05:23:48

Western Australia Bayonetta
  • Wii U: Starbust2
I'd like to claim Trent please. Attended BAM 10 in Melee, 64 and Smash 4.
07/19/2018 13:19:35

Could I please claim Catburger?
07/30/2018 06:58:22

New South Wales Lucas
No data
Hi, can I claim the name Izanagi?
08/10/2018 11:17:57

Queensland Bayonetta
No data
Everyone up to Catburger has had their accounts linked up.

IzanagiSSB is there any tournaments you've been to in NSW? We weren't able to find anything with your name on it.
08/11/2018 06:55:15

can I claim JEANS
and also change my competitive profile name to JEANS
fuck you mods you just changed the tourmanet result to hydro
08/28/2018 12:16:43

Queensland Bayonetta
No data
Excuse me, it changes to your player name when it gets tagged.

Your player name has now been updated.
08/29/2018 06:11:02

New South Wales Sonic
  • 3DS: 5172-3369-7894
Hello, can I please claim Yeet Bix? I'm in the midst of transitioning from one tag to another
09/26/2018 14:48:15

Queensland Bayonetta
No data
RONIN you've had the Yeet Bix record for GvP Q3 Episode 11 added to your account.

If you want your player name to change let us know, we currently don't have anyone from Newcastle managing the Newcastle tournament results so it's possible this could get missed again in future if you don't update your player name and use the new name in tourneys.
09/29/2018 10:57:54

I'd like to claim Mint2 and FreshPumpkin, was at Couchwarriors.
10/27/2018 05:59:27

Queensland Duck Hunt Duo
  • Wii U: Benjamin01
You'll have to pick one I imagine and the data will be consolidated
11/06/2018 12:00:48

New South Wales Bowser
  • Wii U: UltimentM
  • 3DS: 0387-9195-8478
Can I claim UltimentM? (
11/07/2018 12:21:31

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