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Alright, so in case anyone has experienced cheating before in their bracket please feel to write it here, so we can define what is clear rule breaking and prevent it from happening in the future.

I won game 2, and I banned a stage, and I started writing down notes because I was Learning the Dedede matchup

He goes into Smashville without telling me, and immediately wracks up 32% on my character while I was looking at my phone.
And I look up, and I'm like, "woah way what? Wth man? Can we please restart?"

and he says "no, you should have been paying attention"

So that tilted me really hard, and he got a massive lead. I managed to bring it back until last stock last hit.
Then he runs into what would have been a TSK finisher, but was mis-input hadouken, and he punishes the lag with a finishing-blow.

I felt so bad like I messed up, did I actually make a mistake by looking at my notes before the game had started? because he gas lighted me, I blamed myself. I thought I misunderstood the time I had to prepare.

It wasn't until later that I learned the rules and he's actually supposed to TELL me the stage before we start in case I want to change character.

He obviously wasn't interested in a fair fight because he lost $5 to me in a money match the week before.
And now I have people from his Facebook reaching out to me in PMs saying he only talks to them
09/25/2016 13:02:27
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damn this is still going on.
09/30/2016 11:38:03

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Some memes just take a while to die
09/30/2016 11:43:33

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tho for real sonder if you felt cheating was occurring you should've let lachlan know as soon as possible, also don't ask to be in pros because "you were sandbagging in pools". it's not cool man.
i remember this thing
good times
02/06/2018 15:14:40

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05/22/2018 12:50:55

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