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Ultra Sun/Ultra Moon Themed Mafia | Game Over!| Town Wins!

Flash tutorial:

Reading the old games on QLD Smash may give you an indication of how to play the game.

1. Unless your role specifically states otherwise, no communication about the game takes place outside of this thread. This includes both players and non-players.
- This applies to Discord, shoutouts, Twitter, real life, etc. It is not fair for you to receive information (even basic things like player reactions) that other players don't have.
2. No quoting or partial quoting mod PMs, or faking a quoted mod PM in this thread (including screenshots).
You MAY state your role / alignment
You MAY PARAPHRASE your abilities, copy-paste from role PM is not allowed
You MAY NOT try to force others about the specifics of their mod PMs
3. Editing posts is not allowed. Double-post if need be.
4. Make your votes clear and easy to see. VOTE: Boozer is good.
You may change your vote, vote for no lynch and unvote as needed.
5. Lynching occurs once a majority has been reached.
6. If no majority has been reached upon the deadline, no lynch takes place.
7. Thread will be locked during the night phase until the next day phase.
8. Dead players cannot post in this thread. If a dead player had a role that let them communicate privately, they are to cease doing that.
9. Character claiming is allowed.

We've provided our scum with some safeclaims so don't expect it to be a breaking strategy.

Days have a deadline of one weeks. Nights have a deadline of 48 hours.
Inactive players with no prior notice will be given notice after 48 hours, action will be taken if they continue to not respond.

The theme is Ultra Sun and Moon since it came out recently, won't really be any spoilers as Dean and I haven't played the game yet, just though it'd be fun to do and relevant.


MC (You), Town-aligned protagonist, killed night 0.
Giovanni (Dyna_Hole), Vanilla Mafia, lynched day 1.
Hau (MrL), Vanilla Townie, killed night 1.
Kahili (Windkeeper0), Vanilla Townie, lynched day 2. (in record time)
Nebby (Bijou), Town-Aligned Mason, killed night 2.
Soliera (Battledolphin), Vanilla Mafia, lynched day 3.
12/11/2017 06:20:53
Victoria 12d579f9-74d0-4a40-a8cf-4b9c28b422cf
  • Wii U: ShadowRhyno
  • 3DS: 2921-9105-5321

12/11/2017 06:16:40

Victoria Corrin
  • Wii U: ShadowRhyno
  • 3DS: 2921-9105-5321
BattleDolphin (Soliera), Vanilla Mafia, has been Lynched!

Town wins!
The flavour text btw is just Aero trying to figure out who is mafia.
12/11/2017 06:19:46

Queensland Jigglypuff
  • Wii U: BattleDolphin
  • 3DS: 5429-8245-2326
Welcome to Mafia, Battledolphin! You are Soliera, Vanilla Mafia.
"She looked cool so I picked her, I can't find any quotes." - Rhyno
quite the meme
12/11/2017 06:20:14

Victoria Bowser Jr.
  • Wii U: ShadowRhyno
  • 3DS: 0001-3329-7885
12/11/2017 06:20:33

Victoria Corrin
  • Wii U: ShadowRhyno
  • 3DS: 2921-9105-5321
Final Vote Count for Day 3:
Invisi (1) - Battledolphin
Battledolphin (2) - Aerodrome, Invisi
12/11/2017 06:21:50

Queensland Jigglypuff
  • Wii U: BattleDolphin
  • 3DS: 5429-8245-2326
if anyone wants to read me talking to myself lol
12/11/2017 06:27:03

Victoria Corrin
  • Wii U: ShadowRhyno
  • 3DS: 2921-9105-5321
Mason Discord -
Mafia Discord -
12/11/2017 06:40:10

Queensland Jigglypuff
  • Wii U: BattleDolphin
  • 3DS: 5429-8245-2326

12/11/2017 06:49:06

Victoria Bowser Jr.
  • Wii U: ShadowRhyno
  • 3DS: 0001-3329-7885
LOL my sides
12/11/2017 06:54:58

Well, that was a short but enjoyable game.

I'm the MVP
12/11/2017 10:09:28

Bijou is the MVP. You guessed correctly. I'm still voting for you next game. =D
12/11/2017 10:44:26

Victoria Corrin
  • Wii U: ShadowRhyno
  • 3DS: 2921-9105-5321

There's the google doc with the data and PMs on it too.
12/11/2017 10:45:33

can i still sign up
12/25/2017 15:52:37


12/31/2017 04:49:58

Well, I'm back at work now.

When's mafia?
So when's mafia?
02/11/2018 22:13:51

Victoria Duck Hunt Duo
  • Wii U: dean7599
  • 3DS: 1435-4425-6023
Mafia doesn't exist. Mafia never existed.
02/14/2018 08:50:50

New South Wales Yoshi
No data

Hello there! :)

It is with great pleasure that I hereby invite your community to take part in Season 5 of the Mafia Championship.

The Mafia Championship is an annual forum tournament series that pits representatives from various online Mafia (aka Werewolf) communities against one another as they compete to determine the Internet’s greatest forum Mafia player. Each participating community democratically elects one person to represent them and be their “Champion”.

The whole thing started back in 2013, and since then more than 225 different communities and 50+ different nationalities have been represented.

As some of you may recall, Maribro repped you guys last year.


If you agree to participate, the deadline for selecting your representative is May 1. If this is too soon for you to decide on anyone, let me know and we can work something out.

The games will take place on Mafia Universe. If it’s okay, I can link directly to the general discussion thread regarding this topic on Mafia Universe.

Important notes
- You may decide yourselves how you want to elect your representative, but we highly recommend some sort of democratic process (public nominations followed by a poll usually works out well).
- In addition to electing a representative, you should also name an alternate who will be asked to step in if the first choice needs to back out.
- Your representative should be prepared for having to read upwards of 500 posts per 24 hours during the early stages of the game. Additionally, there’s a requirement that each player must make at least 10 posts per Game Day. Only active players should apply/participate. I repeat: Your chosen player needs to be able to promise a good amount of activity on a daily basis.


The tournament structure
- 170 communities will participate, each sending one representative.
- 10 Qualifying Games will be played, consisting of 17 players each. I.e. every representative plays in one Qualifying Game. The players themselves vote post-game to determine who is deserving of advancement. 1st place will advance directly to the Finale Game (i.e. 10 of the 17 finalists are found this way), while the 2nd places will advance directly to one of the two Wildcard Games.
- A Jury consisting of finalists from Season 4 will discuss and vote to determine 25 players in total deserving of a second chance: 1 will advance directly to the finale, and the 24 other players will play in 2 Wildcard Games along with the 2nd places that advanced directly to these. From each game, three players will directly advance to the Finale Game based on a post-game player vote.
- The Finale Game is played. Once it has completed, the players vote to determine who shall receive the title of Season 5 Champion and a winner’s certificate signed by Dmitry Davidoff, the creator of mafia.

The setup explained very briefly (more details on host site)
This (view picture below) is a semi-open grid setup meant for 17 players: 4 mafia versus 13 townies. First you randomly select a number to decide the mafia team's composition of Power Roles (1-2), then you randomly select a letter to decide the town's composition of Power Roles (A-E). Fill in the number of Vanilla Townies needed to make the town team have 13 members total, and you have your setup.

*Town Jack of All Trades: 1x Vigilante, 1x Roleblocker, 1x Tracker.


There will be 10 Qualifying Games, and your representative plays in just one of these. They will have start dates during the months of May and June. So in other words, as long as your representative can play sometime during that period, they should be good and I’ll make sure they get scheduled into a game that suits their schedule well. I.e. if your rep is busy until June, that isn’t a problem.

Wildcard games will be played in July, and the Finale Game sometime in August/September (whenever we can work out something that suits everyone).

If you want to get in contact with me ASAP, you can find me on Discord (Thingyman#6075).

Kind regards,
04/22/2018 17:50:43

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