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Queensland Aerodrome 24/03/2017 10:26:05 PM

Going to UQ today 📿

Queensland LachlanF 24/03/2017 8:22:54 AM

Register before 11pm Tonight to get the early bird discount.

Queensland LachlanF 24/03/2017 8:22:40 AM

Registration - Registered Players -

Queensland LachlanF 24/03/2017 8:22:23 AM

UQ SMASH 29 is Tomorrow. -

Queensland AzureWolf 23/03/2017 11:20:16 PM

Really slick design! Props to the Graphics Designer! And congrats to the PR peeps!

Diddy Kong
Australian Capital Territory Pazx 23/03/2017 1:17:29 PM

New ACT Smash 4 PR! #letsgoACT

New Zealand Zubola 22/03/2017 11:02:27 AM

I would like to claim Zubola.

Mega Man
Queensland Shitashi 19/03/2017 8:11:41 AM

Yeah I got a new hard drive and code editor so ofc the deployment turned to shit plus there was a lot of changes anyway but all g now.

Australian Capital Territory Zowayix 19/03/2017 7:20:20 AM

Shall I presume that outage was you adding that, and not because anyone broke the site by using it too much?

Mega Man
Queensland Shitashi 19/03/2017 6:58:58 AM

Forfeit matches now don't count towards the player comparison feature.

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