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Queensland Linoone 26/02/2017 11:18:39 AM

why is peach so fun?

Victoria SpaceJam 25/02/2017 2:45:22 PM

To those wondering what it does, it removes clutter via clicking the Sigma button near facebook/twitter. It's neat.

Queensland Sigma 25/02/2017 10:44:32 AM

For anyone that uses GreaseMonkey and challonge, here's a script for both of you.

Queensland LachlanF 24/02/2017 10:44:07 AM

Registration for UQ Smash 28 this Saturday is up. 2 and bit hours till you miss out on early bird.

Mii Swordfighter
Victoria Dyna_Hole 24/02/2017 10:23:35 AM

This also confirms that QLD is full of nerds.

Queensland BlazikenGod 24/02/2017 2:30:19 AM

Well me and Saber were discussing love live last night so I guess

Diddy Kong
Queensland Jezmo 23/02/2017 1:28:54 PM

Check their Discord and find out for yourself... if you dare.

Western Australia cmk 23/02/2017 1:25:45 PM

is it true that everyone in vic is a nerd?

Queensland Scrail 22/02/2017 6:01:33 AM

When Jaice tries to invade Lumi's home:

Queensland Scrail 22/02/2017 5:50:09 AM

Featuring Jaice, Luminescent, Mr. L, BigTrouble and McJobo

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