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Smash Ultimate Ruleset (Tentative)

I'd probably be for turning Rage off if that's the case.

I'm curious on Smash meter too but quite apprehensive. I also would rather more stocks if the game is fast enough. But I fully understand the concerns of TO's when game times get long.
08/21/2018 03:54:52

Smash Ultimate Ruleset (Tentative)

To address the OP:

-What is Custom Balance Switch?
-Hazards turned off except possibly on stages where the hazard is integral to the stage (Dreamland, PS2, Yoshi's Story etc.)
-Hard NO to Stage Morph, dunno why people are even talking about it.
-Yes definitely try 3 stock again.
-Smash meter banned to start with, if 3 stock proves to be too slow, consider trialing smash meter as a way of speeding up 3 stock games instead of needing to revert to 2 stock.
-I'm all for not using Omega/BF stages unless absolutely necessary.

EDIT: Also ^ @ what Pudge said. Hard to make a judgement call on stage list without playing them all first. Hence I didn't comment on it.
08/21/2018 03:41:46

Smash Ultimate Ruleset (Tentative)

I kinda feel the transformations make Pokemon Stadium 2 and would be sad to lose. But that could just be me.

I also like Town & City.
08/21/2018 03:30:35

Player account claims thread

Idk if Blurry is linked to Blurry cause don't think I commented in here, but yeah
07/02/2018 13:42:24

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