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Region: QLD Queensland
Main: Super Smash Bros. for Wii U - Lucario Lucario
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ELO + opponent error?

Oddly enough, there is a link to CaptainFish's profile on your page, which links to nothing.

It's not just you. Also, Cap doesn't have any Elo records from FNS 106.

07/06/2017 13:44:42

Sun and Moon Themed Mafia | GAME OVER | Town Wins!

activity post
01/10/2017 14:25:39

Website Suggestions

"Raw" data upload, as a .csv with columns winner, loser, winner's score and loser's score.
10/12/2016 14:27:17

Website Suggestions

Ability to toggle each sound individually.

Ability to follow forum topics, and get a distinct sound when a new post is made in that topic.

A "new forum topic" created sound.
10/02/2016 07:07:56

[Badge] Have I improved yet?

Player account claims thread

I'd like to claim Sigma Σ please.
09/28/2016 12:06:41

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